Getting tired of having to restart constantly


This has become beyond annoying.

When the game was released, I started. I played a little and get two “quests” finished. Had to repeat the “training” mission so many times I just ran through it. It was old and absolutely nothing changed. Then I get steam keys for pets. I activate them. Go to my chest and what do I find? Nothing.

I start a new game again. Low and behold, the two new pets are there. I get through a couple of quests, again. Now I find that I have keys for some of my kickstarter items. I activate those, go to my chest. They are not there.

Now I have to start all over, the same grind to get through the first introductory level. This is utter crap.

How about saying when all the damned items are going to be ready and I will consider starting over again. This constant progression-less repetition is pathetic and pointless. I have more important things to do. Like watching water boil and grass grow.

Will the devs please make it where more than one quest can be taken at a time? If there are 2 missions for the same area, let us take them. If I wanted to play something akin to pac-man or donkey kong, I can do it on my raspberry pi.