GMDX v9.0 Enters Public Beta


  • GMDX needs Veteran players and it needs newcomers.
  • It needs a large pool of people with various hardware types, from toasters to high-end machines, as well as differing software.
  • Easy difficulty players, hardcore players, and everything in between.
  • English speaking players, French, and German. (Russian and Hungarian need further support, which will be addressed shortly).
  • Most of all, I in particular want passionate players that expect the absolute best from their games, have a critical eye, and also a good understanding of the design principles Deus Ex was built upon.

GMDX is nearing half a decade into development now and its goals are mostly fulfilled: the greatest thinking man’s shooter/sneaker/RPG hybrid on another level without losing sight of what made it so special to begin with. Invite yourself to beta testing and aid what fans have been calling the “definitive Deus Ex experience” achieve a state of perfection.


New news regarding the Enhanced Artistic Direction: