Going off-Internet for a couple weeks


Hey, folks, I’m in a financial bind, and being online is costing the money I need to hold onto until around Monday, May 6–if all goes well. I’ll be restricting my online use to check on finance-related things, but otherwise cocooning myself in a fetal position, heh. :heartbeat:

This post is just to inform the couple of people who might need to know “what happened”. :thinking:

Thanks! :+1:t2:


Stay safe! Hopefully we’ll see you back here in May :smiley:


Good luck! We’ll miss you.


Thank you! Much appreciated.

I got a moment. I’m awaiting the means to begin restoring myself, bettering my situation, at least for a decent chunk of time. The original estimate I was given for these means was May 6, but that date’s been revised to tomorrow, April 24. I hope it’ll arrive in the morning.

I still hafta be very conservative about things, in the case of a hiccup, or delay as a result of a policy-related issue with institutions involved. Once I have resources, I’ll be busy checking off boxes. Quest Log’s full a’ tasks! Seeya soon, when I go from Offsides back to Otherside!



I’m back! I won’t be starving for awhile. Just got the money I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of March.


Okay, where were we?


Mods, mods, and more mods.


I believe only the playtesters can see the mods discussion ;)