Goodbye, everyone!


As some might have noticed, two of my last posts were deleted. I understand that the deleted comments can be seen as a violation of Forum Code of Conduct Rule #2 (“Communicate constructively”). Although technically justified, I feel deleting them was unnecessary because they were worded respectfully and didn’t create quarrels or lengthy off-topic discussions. At least there should have been a notification and explanation why the posts were deleted.

But I am getting the more subtle message that I am no longer welcome here, and I have to concede that I have not been providing much in terms of constructive criticism or comments for a while.

On the other hand, I never felt that any criticism or suggestion made in this forum was taken seriously by the development team. As most critical members have left over time, my feeling is the forum is turning into an echo-chamber. So it’s maybe better when I delete my account as well.

Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussions in the past years, and special thanks to Sam for always staying calm and positive even under heavy fire.


I can’t speak on deleted posts I haven’t seen, but I think it’s always a shame when critical voices leave, especially those who tend to take the time to stick around and justify their view (…hmmmm :smiley: ) over a long period (having passed the screaming test that some short termers fail). Hopefully you’ll do a Flug and come back.

Being listened to, btw,is not the same as an active response… which comes and goes in waves as we know.

All the best, MasterLobar. We’ve sparred a lot in the past and agreed a lot more lately, not that it matters. I for one think you’ve been a good contributor to the forum over a long period.
I hope you return.


Aw no, this is a sad day. We have been here from the start. You are the original “campaigning for UW2 influences in the game” guy! :frowning: Not sure why posts were deleted, but I am quite sure that most of us here WANT YOU TO STAY!


I think there’s no sad day here… there is a moment of reflection and consideration. A day of recognition and absolution. We all came to be part of the creation of a classic. I think we all, at least most, hoped for a little more.

for me … I got it, I get it, and I’m good with it. Peace Master Lobar, Should you ever venture to the southern wastes, Find and tell me, how did you ever survive the fall of Killorn?



This should be the time we band together to tell Otherside “we told you so,” on valid points in the game, not separate and meander along different paths. You’re welcome to leave, but I’d prefer you to stay. Some of the guys on these forums, friends or not, have become allies over the years.



I’m sad to see you go :frowning: Even though I haven’t posted for a long time, I’ve read everything people have written, including you.

As an adventurer, I’ve seen things most modern people wouldn’t believe. Goblins holding a towering troll as a prisoner. A floating castle way above the desert. I fear that with the new Underworld, all these moments will be lost in time. Not like tears in rain, but like songs no one sings anymore.

I’ve been to Killorn Keep, but wouldst thou believe I’ve yet to see Anodunos? For many it is a sight they’ve seen before, but as for me, I will look upon it with fresh eyes.


Master Lobar… You have to come back now to end all this soppiness, and help inject some stringency into proceedings :smiley:

We’re currently dying here of a saccharine overdose :smiley:

So that’s that then, you’re not allowed to leave. Permission rescinded. Get your ass back here.

…btw, Dawnrazor is exactly right.


And rightfully so! The filming crew cried when Rutger Hauer improvised that line. :wink:

EDIT: Oh and do come back, MasterLobar. The community is a nice one, and you’re definitely a part of it. Won’t be the same without ye.


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