Heavy CPU use with UA - causing overheating


Does anyone else here have issues with their CPU beginning to overheat while playing Underworld Ascendant? When I fire up UA, within 5-10 minutes I am getting temperature warnings from my CPU sensors. I have good cooling and airflow, and this doesn’t seem to be an issue with any other PC game I play.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Maybe there are some “CPU sensitive” settings I could change up to help with this? I am running an AMD FX-8350


This definitely happens to me on my laptop, but not my desktop at home… It has never overheated to a point where my laptop was warning me though.

For the stuff we’re working on for Update 3, it looks like we’ve drastically improved performance and load times as well as the overall strain that the game has on most computers as we’ve continued to optimize. Hopefully this should prevent your computer from overheating when we release, which we’re aiming to do before the end of this month!


when I play UA, my cpu fan rotations go to max. I have not looked into the temps or what is physically going on but I probably should. my systems eventually crashes after strange video behavior. I now wonder if I’m over heating to cause that.