Help unlocking feats


I would like to know:
-a 4-rune spell I can cast
-how to reflect projectiles
-what skills I need to perform a combo attack
-how to unlock the Cheated Death feat/achievement



Spoilers for those who don’t want to know:

A 4-rune spell you can cast:

4 Rune Example


You’ll need both level 5 casting and Rune Mastery to pull it off.

This should be a 6th-level spell that puts down a circle of power, and the first thing that steps in it gets the effect. The particular circle this creates should damage or destroy undead.

*Notice from Tim Stellmach: For 4-rune spells, you can also use instead ᚱ of ᛉ to cast a spell as a projectile instead of a trap, which IIRC requires one less level of Casting skill

For reflecting a projectile, you'll need to cast:



How long it lasts is a bit variable, by the way. It loses strength over time, and also when it bounces a missile. The strength it starts with (IIRC) can be increased by both the Protective Magic and Temporal Dilation skills.

For a combo attack:


This is based on my own experience, I’m waiting to hear back from a designer on whether this is true. I’ll update this later if there’s more information.
Depending on your current setup and equipment, the easiest path will vary.

For example, if you are more invested in the Stealth tree than the Fighter tree, you could invest in Dagger Flurry if you have daggers. Multiple successful strikes of different kinds will rack up your combo.

If you are invested in the Fighter tree, depending on what kind of weapon you’ve invested in (swords, axes, or fists), you commit to a branch and unlock those skills to use additional moves for your combo. Here’s an example of the sword tree:

Haste: Your melee attacks are made quickly

  • Cleave: Unlocks right and left heavy attack (heavy attack + right/left)
    • Fighter’s Fury: Unlocks forward lunge and retreating jab (heavy attack + fwd/back)
      • Piercing Strikes: Unlocks sweeping cleave attack, which causes bleed .

Note that spamming light attacks and heavies aren’t enough.

How to Cheat Death [Achievement]:


Avoid death 3 times with the Iron Shirt and/or Shadow Step skills. Iron Shirt is a high-level Melee tree skill, and Shadow Step is under the Stealth tree.


Thank you! I’m enjoying the game.