Help us come up with a great name for the "Tunnel Trapper"


This massive, semi-translucent ooze feeds by cramming it gelatinous bulk into tight dungeon passageways, absorbing detritus and any creature unwary enough to get in its way. We’ve been using the placeholder name “Tunnel Trapper” for this oddball beast, but we know you can come up with something better!


gelatinous qbert?

Sorry couldn’t resist


Creosite. Give it a wahfer thin mint.


Some random possibilities:

[]Slug Plug
]Shaft Grabber (Er… no. Forget I said that.)
[]Lard Weevil
]Luciferent Minepig
[]Adit Bandit

Needs work. Next!


It’s quite clearly a slime mole…d

As for less goofy suggestions… It reminds me of a water bear, so slime/ooze bear?
Aurora Ooze?


Scintillating Slime


Here’s a few:

Snag Snot
Mush Monster
Dungeon Tide
Ambush Jelly
Gumbo Slug

I’ll be avoiding it no matter what you call it.


Auroran Nightmare? Dawnsludge? Prismatic horror? Just what comes to mind off hand.


Purple Cave Mite
Umbral Slug


[li]pupa pellucid[/li]
[li]2nd vote for “Bob”[/li]


Looks like an Aurora Slug to me :slight_smile:


Iridescent Putrescence
Slippery Shiny Doom
Sheen Sweeper
Fright Light

Also, I like Bob.


Chroma Slug

  1. Diaphanous Maw
  2. Bob



  1. Chromafetida
  2. Glabrous Globster


Tunnelslug was the first name that came to mind.


Grey Ooze…or Gelatinous Guinea Pig


Being a Lovecraft fan, “Abyssal Shoggoth” or “Stygian Shoggoth” sounds scary to me.


Effulgent gastropod.