Holy Monty Hall - 30 skills points on one mission


A question/comment about game balance as it relates to the skill tree.

I’m a bit of a tourist when it comes to maps/quests - try to get to every corner - hope my plodding along doesn’t screw me because Typhon’s progression is around half way and I’ve only got the 4th key.

Anyway - probably a bit less than half the way through the game and I’ve got all the skills that I want (no interest in axes and punching) with just a handful that are still locked. I’ve got every skill on the magician part. Just missing 2 locked ones on the stealth part.

I received 30 points after the quest that got me that 4th key. 17 points after the side quest after that. Seems that the skill points - the way that I am playing - are a bit too generous. The way I’m going, there will be no hard choices to make. I’ll have all the skills well before the end of the game.

Side note: still totally clueless on what it takes to unlock those locked skills. For instance, what should I be doing to get that second level of adroit damage with the bow?!?!


Probably my least favorite part of the game (that isn’t a bug - I assume) is the way skills are locked from being chosen. In a game that is supposed to be all about choice, I don’t understand why I have to wait for skills to (seemingly) randomly unlock. Let me take the skills I want. If skils were locked behind pre-requisites - that’s fine but skills just seem to randomly unlock after finishing missions. Very annoying.


Great feedback, totally agree. We’re not doing a good job communicating why some skills unlocked and why some don’t when you’ve clearly taking the “prerequisite” skill in the tree. I.e., there are other seemingly hidden requirements because we don’t tell you. FYI, they are typically related to how far you’ve progressed, either in levels or days. It’s on the list of fixes, not sure if it will make “Update 1” but definitely needs better communication.