How did you abbreviate Ultima Underworld?


Just curious how other folks would abbreviate the game name. I had my preference, what was yours?


UU, the first letters of each word.



I think the file to start it was uw2.exe or uw.exe. So for me it was always UW/UW2.



Everything else is wrong.


From my hard drive, I see:

1988 - King’s Quest 4 (SCIV.EXE): KQ4
1989 - Space Quest 3 (SCIV.EXE): SQ3
1991 - Patton Strikes Back (PATTON.EXE): PSB
1992 - System Shock (SSHOCK.EXE): SS
1993 - Master of Orion (MASTER.EXE): MoO
1994 - Master of Magic (MAGIC.EXE): MoM
1997 - Age of Empires (EMPIRES.EXE): AoE
1998 - Baldur’s Gate (BALDUR.EXE): BG
1999 - Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (TERRAN.EXE): SMAC
1992 - Ultima Underworld (UW.EXE): UU



I started out with UU but changed to UW because of this. I came to think of it as Underworld, not Ultima Underworld. I later put The Black Gate and Serpent Isle into TBG and SI. Ultima is the series name. Those precious 8 characters became reserved the game name.


Always UW. I don’t think I’ve seen it as UU outside these forums, but maybe I just never noticed it.

To me, UU is a Discworld/Pratchett thing: the Unseen University.




To me it always was UW and UW2. Only in this forum did I first see UU. The thing is that you should be able to read them both correctly… (when I first read UU I accidentally mistook it for UA, but out of the context it quickly became clear what it stands for :grin:)