How to rewind doomsday clock


its not accepting the mana cores.
i lowered the water in upper erebus by putting the mana core in the hole. (which can be used again for no effect? is that normal?)
its not workiing for the similar device in lizard town. mana core just stays there without being consumed


Dude I’m sure you worked it out by now…Aether Core for Doomsday…Mana Core for the lowering of water in the levels etc.


ah, so another item.
So what do i do with all these mana cores? sell them?


You can’t sell mana cores, their main use is for lowering or raising the water levels in the Abyss (versus Marcaul’s Augury). If you need to chuck one, it may save you the inventory space. Personally I like to keep at least one on hand in case I run across a materia modus, or as a light source.