HTC Vive -> Who has one? How is the experience treating you thus far?


Hey all,

Topic is self explanatory,

Got myself an HTC Vive a little while ago. Enjoying the experience. I’d love to see what people think about the unit in general -> be it games/setup/potential/hardships/likes/dislikes/anything.

I’ll chime in a bit later.


I have one, a few friends have it now, we got one for happy hour at work too. It’s amazing, just amazing over and over.

Lightblade VR
Vanishing Realms
Fantastic Contraption
Zombie Training Simulator
Space Pirate Trainer
Job Simulator
Apollo 11 VR
Nvidia VR Funhouse
Raw Data
The Lab
No Limits 2

there are so many more too

Oculus VR experiences (via revive)

It just never fails to impress everyone that tries it. And I’m still going back for more whenever I can. When we have them put in on the first time and they’re in the Star Trek Holodeck (we changed the default Steam VR environment), they immediately grin.

When they engage a light saber in LightBlade VR, it’s like kids on halloween at the candy store getting bags at a time.

“Hold Lightsaber in hand” - checked off the VR bucket list

It’s a great time to get into VR. I await Gen 2 VR, may the competition between Vive and Oculus produce some truly fantastic products.


If it comes with paycheck simulator, I’m game.