I upped my pledge, up yours!


I just upped my pledge to $155.00 to show support for the AoUA fan initiative. (Yes, thats real money that will come out of my own bank account and go to the project. No funny accounting.)

I think this is a great idea, I hope others will join in on it!


I upped from 35 to 165 just yesterday.
Now we need a banner of some sort (like the Banner of Sir Cabirus 8))


Thank you! Thats music to our ears!


Im sure if someone wanted to cook one up we could get IP approval from the team.
(Id offer to do the art myself, but this started as a fan effort and should remain firmly in fan hands, IMHO)


I am enjoying the subject line of this thread. :smiley:


Oh you :stuck_out_tongue:


If i up my pledge above the Avatar level i won’t make it to see the game. :wink:


I increased my pledge one level, and added another $5 to support AoUA!

I’ll see if I can throw together a banner we might be able to use.


Sorry, just joined yesterday, what is this AoUA of which you speak?


Avatars of Ultima Ascendant

It is a fan organized drive to get people to pledge beyond the $20 level. If you raise your pledge $5.00 or more, you are a a member!

Ask Dablue about more information.


Thank you…


Soon… very soon.


I pledged $150. Wish you guys the best.


I upped mine to Loremaster


After hearing about Stephen Russell and Terri Brosius, I had to up my pledge. Now up to Adventurer.


I’m going to up my pledge to Avatar when I get a sec here.

I’d actually be down to go higher, but racing season is coming up and my car needs tires.


Just upped my pledge too!


A second thread on this. OK.
I upped my pledge (again).
Now at $200.


you guys are super awesome !


Just curious but is there a financial breakdown anywhere showing how the funds will be budgeted for the project?