I upped my pledge, up yours!


I am sure Paul has one, though that level of detail isn’t usually the kind of thing you pu out in public for a variety of reasons.

I can tell you this… I’ve been working mostly on spec and post Kickstarter am signed on to work for a bit less then half of what I’ve been paid in the industry in the past.

That’s my financial commitment to the project and the level of trust I have in Paul.


Thanks Jeff, your dedicated to the project is awesome! ;D It just feels like the ambitious project scope could end up exceeding the projected fundraising income which is currently about $1 million (excluding supplemental post-Kickstarter income, which could be substantial I hope).

Even the original Underworld was budgeted for only $30,000 but in the end cost $400,000 ($670,000 today).


I’m not privvy to all the funding details but what I can tell you is this: I am convinced Paul has them well in hand. Its 90%+ of what he’s been doing while the rest of us were building prototypes, designing core features and generally figuring out what this beast should be.

If there is one thing I can tell you about my experiences with Paul, it is that he is careful and honest to a fault. He wouldn’t let us go out and promise delivery of features at any level of success that he wasn’t sure we could deliver one way or another.

For the same reason, thats why we’ve been reluctant to move our targets. For instance, promising Linux and Mac at a lower level might actually get us to the higher level faster but we aren’t going to take the risk. We need to make that promise at a funding level where we are sure we can deliver on it, and no lower.

We all take our promises to the community very, very seriously which is why we are being so careful with them.


i was already at 200$ as a huge fan of the first games. Just asking: is there a possibility to have a backer badge or subtitle in the forums ?


You are entitled to a Ruby Backer’s Badge which is the highest level. However we will not be assigning those until after the end of the KS campaign. We don’t want to do that now as we will need to shut down the forum for a little while in order to update the forum’s database when we assign backer’s badges. So hold on for a couple of more weeks and then you will receive your backer’s badge.


that’s nice :wink: meanwhile i created a thread in a big german forum and I’ll hope that some more ascendants join the campaign 8)


Hmm… any chance for digital backers to get a ruby badge?


Who’s the jerk who withdrew their $10,000 pledge? :frowning:


Probably someone who was never serious to start with. Luckily we are pretty sure that the ones at are left all are.


Interestingly the average pledge is $53 currently. If everyone raised their pledge by only $15 the campaign would be funded today. :smiley:


Upped my pledge too! Only by 5$ this time, but I’ll probably up it again soon :slight_smile:


Due to this upping thing that’s been going on lately, I couldn’t help but up my pledge from 155 to 200. Let’s hope it’s contagious :wink:


Good for you EngineArtist, tempted to up mine to $200 too. Maybe we can get some more onboard.


And to show support… so did I!


Seeing as I will be unemployed in less than 30 days, upping my pledge is an unlikely prospect. Hopefully they will make clear the murky indication of “all digital content” and if it includes the “KS only” items. Seeing as how I missed KS ending by 3 hours… I will be most displeased to lose out because of that…


We made a guild from all the people we could get that upped their pledge in Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter days, great to see the same sentiment here!

Up your pledges! :slight_smile:


And the guild still exits with the same spirit and passion.


I want to pledge, I really do. I enjoyed the previous UW’s immensely.

The problem is I’ve seen very little as of yet that evokes any level of confidence in the developer. Every previous kickstarter pledge I’ve made has been to companies that either have proven track records of delivering, or have shown in-game/engine visualizations of what the end product will be like. UA has sketches and a rather unimpressive physics demo sandwiched between PBR and Unity5 marketing videos.

tldr; Impress me and I’ll give you money. So far, not impressed - just cautiously optimistic.


It is really wise to be cautious in putting in a big pledge but the Otherside team have been around (as a former company then individuals and now Otherside) for a very long time and have had experience in working on some of the most iconic games of the last 20 years. But a good pedigree does not a game make, though I think in this case they are worth the faith (that is my 2cents).


I went to the kickstarter page where I originally pledged but I can’t see an option to add to my current pledge which was $50…