I would love to find chuckles' carcass in the underworld


Impressed as I am by the research, I’d actually have preferred the runes to have retained their Ultima names. I know they couldn’t, I’m just saying that I look askance at anything that steers away from the established lore and closer to the real world. But since they had to be renamed, might as well go that way with it.

On a different note, wait, rotworms aren’t in the game? Nooo! I think I know what I want in Update 5.

Maybe the first DLC can just be a monster pack. Actually, in all seriousness, I think that would be a fantastic idea. Populate the Abyss with pockets of new creatures: rotworms, gazers (with a bit of a redesign and new name, of course, since they’re just beholders anyway), and so forth. This is my fervent hope. I’d buy that without a moment’s hesitation.