If sekiro just launched with a miniboss called headless


where is underworld’s headless? I assumed legal issues but then the biggest game atm has headless, looking like headless and flat out named headless. So what gives?


Context matters a lot in this case. We have the rights to anything original to Ultima Underworld, but not to anything else that comes from an Ultima game. I believe the Ultima-Headless were introduced before UW1, and then were briefly seen in The Stygian Abyss as a result, so they’re off limits.

However, FromSoft using a beast called a Headless (that has a sword!) is fair game because Ultima itself does not have sole ownership over all Headless beasts.

To be clear, the distinction is that OSE was explicitly allowed to work on UWA as long as we were not treading on anything that was previously introduced by the Ultima franchise.

Sekiro Headless are terrifying too :’(


That said, Ultima doesn’t have the only headless creature in mythology. Go check out the Blemyes. Look a lot like a headless with a mouth in it’s chest.

Been trying to talk SotA into adding these for a while. They’d be a great fit here tho, as they are Greek inspired.


This is one of those things where building in the systems and models, then tweaking, nudging, shoving them into a state of fully legal use, would open doors of possibility for other things. It’s understandable that there’s a ton of work to do, and this kind of thing certainly is a distraction from more critical goals, so… Wishlist stuff, I know: Build sharable modular systems, different superfice per use in separate projects. Archetypes and such. I ain’t a coder or industry pro, obviously, but maybe the gist is translatable between layman and pro, here? :smile:

Rumblers vs. Treebeasts, for example.