Ignore this post, my issue has been resolved!


After killing the black smoke skeleton I noticed a lizardman aggro-ing me from behind a door, so I killed him as he clipped through, turns out he was Fane, so I re-loaded an earlier save and freed him, but upon release he attacked and one-shotted me!

So anyone else having this issue?

BTW, I’m playing the PC version…

EDIT: Apparently he’s a big deal as he’s a valuable merchant and he’s needed in the main story-line, is there any console commands that re-sets his aggro status? I really am infuriated at this game-breaking bug and would like a workaround!

EDIT2: C’mon is there anyone out there that can help with some console commands in order to flag an NPC as non-aggro’d or at least toggle a quest complete flag!? It’s really frustrating to have my game stopped by a broken quest bug!

EDIT3: No wonder no one said anything as that was not the Fane, I was thrown off by the lizard icon on the map, so when I saw the lizard locked behind a cage… boy am I embarrassed!