In your Ears: The Listening


Just a thread to post music relevant to discussion.

What are you listening to right now?

Here’s mine:

I love drone/wall of sound. This is an acoustic version of songs that appeared on other albums. For some reason, this kinda stuff reminds me of dark fantasy, and claustrophobic, underground spaces.


Best of the Art of Noise.
The Kinks - Give The People What They Want album.
Pink Floyd - Animals.


Pink Floyd is absolutely awesome. Never heard of Kinks. Nuff said.



I kid; but they were always a different kind of sound, which made it hard for them to be one of the breakout mega-bands. (In the U.S., anyway.) On the plus side, that’s also what makes quite a few of their numbers still enjoyable today.

As for Pink Floyd, what part of their career are we talking? The Syd Barett era? The psychedelic era? The Roger Waters Band era? Some great stuff from all those phases – I recently re-bought Ummagumma (my old copy-from-vinyl was becoming unlistenable), and had forgotten the fun of “Several Species of Small Furry Creatures Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict”. (Not the longest song title, BTW; that belongs to Hoagy Carmichael’s “I’m A Cranky Old Yank In a Clanky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama With My Honolulu Mama Doin’ Those Beat-O, Beat-O, Flat On My Seat-O, Hirohito Blues”. But I digress.)

Lately I’ve been on an ELO kick, but what I’m actually listening to at this moment is:


My favorite is Wish You Were Here, followed by Dark Side and Meddle. Wall deserves to be seen as a movie, I maintain.


A totally solid grouping, although I’d try to wedge Animals in there somewhere.

And to the end of my days I will kick myself for not going to see their original Wall concert. I didn’t mind the Geldof movie, but that concert was said to be legendary.

(Oh, and I forgot: another +1 for Art of Noise.“Camilla: The Old, Old Story” is one of my favorites.)


I’ve heard Waters wants to do a live performance atop Trump’s wall, if that thing ever gets built. Animals is a fav of many, but less so with me. Ummagumma…I used to own that album. Careful with that axe, Eugene!


I forgot Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Armed Forces. (Was going off the top of my weary head, knew I was forgetting.)



Love me some ELO. Bands that I can listen to for entire albums, rather than picking out the singles, are pretty meaningful time and again throughout my life.


I’d agree with that sentiment 100%.


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pass the mourning of our friend, the definite article…

THE Kinks, THE Animals.

(The Kinks are very well-known over here, btw,and not so polarising as Pink Floyd, who were pretentious art-school nitwits who took themselves far too seriously - and still do - or avante guard before-their-time prog geniuses, depending on your POV. Personally, I’m indifferent either way. The Wall is ok, but carries all that self-important Orwellian social-commentary baggage…when it’s really just sloganising wth a half-decent dirge-tune …I better add a smiley pronto).

When I was growing up (70s/80s) it was the early Cure (first three -five albums) and some Cocteau Twins (oddly, all these years later, Liz Frazer lives just down the road)…and the Beatles/Dylan because my dad played them endlessly…the last thirty years have been mainly filled with classical as the mainstay…but not ideal to have as background game music…it’s a bit like having the Tempest or Martin Chuzzlewit being read in the background…ruins both.

If you have to listen to other music while playing a game it means the music supplied isn’t good enough or isn’t doing its job properly.

Music…it’s one of those light-the-blue-touchpaper subjects…


Flug, you might enjoy Arvo Part if you like classical. Can’t agree with your opinions about Floyd, but that is just what they are–opinions, not arguments. I looked up Kinks. I recognize one or two songs, but still sounds low-key as far as message is concerned. For my money, I’d still rather spin some Zeppelin or Floyd or Tool, but that is why we have individual tastes. I’ve always been drawn to strong mission statements.


If you like Kinks, you should also check out Beatles, Banshees, Bee Gees, Clash, Cure, Doors, Eagles, Monkees, Police, Ramones, Smiths, and Who.



What’s wrong with the Cure? :smiley:

Edit: Here’s something popping around on my iPod right now:


This was just a “what are you listening to now?” thread, but if we’re going to get into comparative opinions… :smile:

I like classic prog, so that and Bach probably make up most of my collection. I love that Mike Oldfield is still working (even if only to pay off the divorce lawyers – sigh).

Just for fun, I turned shuffle on, and got:

  • “Bottle Bop” from Tchokola by Jean-Luc Ponty
  • “The Funky Avocado” from Breakfast in the Field by Michael Hedges (gone much too soon)
  • “The Battle” from Music from “Gladiator” by Hans Zimmer
  • “Artificial Intelligence” from Computer Experiments by Synergy (computer-generated music)
  • “Fishheads” from Voobaha by Barnes and Barnes
  • “Starship Trooper - Disillusion” from The Yes Album by Yes
  • “Money” from The Flying Lizards by The Flying Lizards
  • “The Game (Narration)” from The Point by Harry Nilsson
  • “Endgame (Chicajo Mix)” from System Shock by Greg Lo Piccolo and Tim Ries
  • “Yebo” from Below the Waste by The Art of Noise

OK, enough! I’ll leave you with this, which when I first heard it absolutely floored me like nothing else has for a long time:


Uh oh, I did think I might have de-railed this thread a bit…:blush:

I dread to think what happens when you type just ‘Kinks’ into the web. I think I have a vague idea. ‘Kinks and Animals’ is going to be interesting.

Dawn, I know Arvo Part but not a fan, sorry (nor Philip Glass…). It’s classical in the same way Carmina Burana is classical (at the other end of the spectrum). As for The Cure, showing my age (got into the soundcheck of Killing An Arab a very long time ago, before Robert Smith turned into everyone’s favourite snarky ancient. Sorry CoF Craig, if you happen to to see this…I think you’re a part-time member here?). As formission statements…where pop/rock is concerned, a half-decent song will do me. Hendrix…?

Bach, absolutely, but certainly not when a game is concerned, far too much going on (that goes for all decent music I think).

Talking of passable game music, does anyone know what The Fatman is up to these days? (with a ‘The’ :grinning:)

Now playing…middle-period Mozart…if anyone says they don’t know his music I will weep. Really.


You know, I agree with that… but what an interesting game jam challenge that might be.

What might a game based on Bach’s music look like?


Submitting my own musical thoughts, it was JUST last year that I was introduced to Pink Floyd! I was wearing a Pokemon-themed Pink Floyd shirt and @ProducktionMalphunkt pointed it out and said “Please tell me you know about Pink Floyd.” (I didn’t.) Was promptly shuffled off to a LOT of a Youtube playlists, and Comfortably Numb and Another Brick in the Wall (part 2) resonated very strongly with me. Then while I was heading to Berlin for UNITE, I had a friend screen the Pink Floyd movie and I decided to drop in; gave a lot of interesting context to the music.

Since then, haven’t branched out much, since I tend to just listen to music while commuting and will let Spotify pick things for me. Stumbled upon another QUEEN playlist since the movie came out recently, and I genuinely had no idea that some of my favorite songs were all by the same band! Talk about range.

Well, those are just the classics. On the personal side, I’m actually a big fan of Pendulum’s music ever since I got hooked on them while in middle school. (Witchcraft will always have a special place in my heart for that reason!)


I actually used to do a karaoke cover of Comfortably Numb. I’ll have to see about recording a copy.