In your ears the listening!


Been playing this mix a bit at work lately, Omni Trio, Bay-B-Kane, Andy C, etc:

I also listen to Tangerine Dream a lot, Rubycon and Ricochet probably get the most plays. Also I like jazz, Bill Evans Trio, Thelonius Monk, and John Coltrane are listened pretty frequently. And when I go running it’s usually oldschool progressive trance or goa. Astral Projection gets played a lot.


I just re-added my Tangerine Dream collection (back to Alpha Centauri and Atem through One Night In Space) to my phone after a prolonged absence.

Lately, though, I can’t stop listening to Yagya’s Rigning. I had been looking for some new music with rain sounds and tried this – it’s excellent, and some tracks are outstanding. It’s like rain with a beat…


Back on a metal kick. It’s Baroness and Gojira for me. No videos to post, just go check out the damned bands! :stuck_out_tongue:


That should last a while :slight_smile:

I’m only really into Zeit through to about Hyperborea.


Since everybody here likes instrumental music…


Autechre just put out a 4 hr quintuple album(?), so I guess I’ll be listening to that for the next few days.

I picked my username from a track on their last album that I was listening to at the time


I’ve tried to get into NIN and have several of their albums… somehow it just isn’t my jam though. If I had to pick one album it would probably be The Fragile.

Today I bought some CDs by Grimes and Darkthrone, and have been listening to a ton of MF Doom (and collabs) as well. Got back into CDs partly because I’m sick of iTunes deleting my purchases. Am aware I can back them up, but still don’t like the idea of corporations having that much control that they can just go delete things out of my own library. Guess that’s the way things are now though. Consumers want convenience more than they want control.