Interaction with rope bridges ejects player from level


This can be a little tricky to reproduce, but I’ll try to explain what I think triggers it.

When playing in the Playground section of the prototype, you can be ejected out of the level if you interact in a certain way with the rope bridges in the main playground area.

  1. Walk up to the rope bridge that has rope railings.
  2. Begin sprinting across the bridge over and over. Try to run directly ‘inside’ and parallel to the rope railings on the side of the bridge. Additionally, while doing this, try running into the posts where the rope railings are anchored. Try jumping occasionally as well and landing back on the bridge inside the rope railing. If you do it enough and frequently enough, the rope railing (and possibly the rest of the bridge) should start to spaz out.
  3. Experience the void outside of the level.

Image of running up and back inside the rope railing in order to trigger the glitch.

Once you manage to reproduce this glitch, you will likely see the red blood splat overlay on your screen from taking damage. At the same time, your view will spin out of control and you will soon be flung out of the level and fall indefinitely. The screenshots below demonstrate this. You may also notice from the screenshots that the players skeleton model may be smashed up all over the floor or walls while being flung from the level.

Note the hand and other various body parts strewn about the (floor?), and the view cameras positions relative to the remains of the body.

The bloodsplat is more visible in this one, and the view is upside down. The completely maimed player skeleton is being warped beyond recognition by the physics glitch.

Another snapshot of the view spazing out before being thrown from the level.

More chaos.

Presumably the view immediately after passing through the floor or walls of the level.

View from far outside the level. The small light in the distance is the level.

Version: PLAYTEST 0.1.5822.004


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