Inventory Bug Resulting in Lost Item


This one is probably reported already. And nearly impossible to document with evidence. But here’s the description:

Had a full inventory. Opened a chest and found something close to “ELDER Mana Cloak.” Opened inventory and dropped one item. Picked up the elder cloak. Looked at my inventory, and no elder cloak. The emptied slot was still empty. The elder cloak was just gone.


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@Hacker: did you empty the slot in the inventory, or the hotbar? I’ve noticed that items will be picked up and then destroyed if your only empty slot is in the hotbar, and they are items which cannot go onto the hotbar.


Looks like my update didn’t post - here we go again …

Sorry Dewi. Too much water has flowed under that bridge. If memory serves the hotbar was full, dropped an intem in the inventory proper to make room, picked up the elder cloak, checked my inventory, not there, looked at the ground, not there.

Since then, I have seen a handful of inventory, specifically lost item, bugs. They are hard to document since they happen in a moment. Though I do play with video buffering on all the time now, so easy enough to grab that 15 seconds of video when I notice something.

One amusing Forum chest bug I played with for a while. I am a bit obsessive compulsive about inventory storage - all weapons together, all wands together, etc. I had 9+ cores in my inventory and I had to move them all down to make room for more gear up top. While moving them I found a core that, when placed in an open slot, would bounce back to its original slot. I tried placing it in that slot several times with it bouncing back each time. On a reload of the game, the slot would store the core just fine.