Is there any chance of a new hotfix?


It’s been very quiet for any updates, so I am assuming there is the possibility that we aren’t getting a new hotfix? Just curious and would like some confirmation of some sort.


Have you been keeping up with hotfix reports and at least the last two? They are done with rolling out hotfixes, unless something significant comes up affecting more than a couple people (that they can replicate).


Just to clarify, this also depends on your platform.

For PC/Mac/Linux, we have a backlog of smaller bugs that we can address if there are larger issues so we can push a hotfix for all of those at once. Currently, no hotfix plans for this platform unless that comes up.

For PS4, we launched another hotfix last Wednesday that should have fixed the brightness slider issue that was reported. (Now up to date with the PC/Mac/Linux version.)

For Xbox One, this build is the most behind and is still pending it’s “4.3” hotfix update. Our lead engineer became incredibly sick near the end of last week after pushing the PS4 build, so it will take a bit longer for this build to be updated.

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