Is there any progress on this game?


When I first read about the UU reboot I was excited, and that was July. It’s now November and I haven’t heard so much as a peep. No pictures, nada.

Is there any progress on this game or should it be considered a hype-wagon?


The game is in preproduction, so there isn’t really that much they can show us. However it would be nice to have something to talk about. Concept art, some design decision that they are thinking about, …


Even accounting for saying they were thrown off schedule by 3 months, it’s currently more like 4 months. I’m still excited, though, but in a sorta hibernation way. :stuck_out_tongue:


My Deus Ex mod is currently the #1 most popular mod on moddb. A good opportunity to mention Underworld Ascension. The Immersive Sim deserves every bit of exposure it gets.

It is little things like that us fans should do. Would you like it if Otherside invested half their budget in marketing? What a waste.

Speaking of marketing, Sara appears to have ceased Twitter activity also. Hmm…


Almost Human took this approach with Legend of Grimrock, but at least they had progress updates every 4-6 weeks explaining the detailed steps taking place.

There is no need for Otherside to invest any part of their budget in marketing if there is nothing to market. I didn’t come on here to complain or debate, just to see what happened to the exciting news which most likely piqued the interest of people all over the world. It will be great if they still can make the game. I installed UU from GOG since I only played through it once back when it originally came out in 1992, didn’t remember how easy it is to get stuck on walls and corners in the dungeon while you’re moving.

Crossing my fingers for Otherside.


Well, they said they had some setbacks in another thread. It was said that work is now pressing on, so for now we just need to be patient.


Like most new contracts and projects, they have to get the infrastructure in place first - really boring stuff that most people will not be interested in, I think any concept art will be more like stick figures at the moment too.

I would love to know when the real work starts though - when they start building the engine for example and a couple of screenshots will do nicely.

I don’t want to know too much information or else it spoils the mystery and excitement. Remember when the original UW came out, all you had before playing was a couple of screenshots on the back of the box and a few in a computer magazine - every moment playing was a never seen before moment and brand new experience.


If people didn’t get confused so easily, making it unlikely we’ll see it, it’d be great to see the REJECTED concept art they were excited about from before they switched gears and went a different direction. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was getting nervous too. Projects get canned all the time and I was just about ready to say … “Alright. The site is dead. The project is a corpse … and once again something I hold so dear gets no second chance.” … but not just yet. What really stumped me was the dead silence.

This dead silence is a sure-way to instill these kinds of doubts that I’m (still) having. The twitter was last active in October. For twitter, that’s like a century.


Rest assured, things are progressing very well. And please accept our apologies for not getting info out to you. We did have a few art pieces that we wanted to go back to the drawing board on. Like you all, we are very protective of the game’s legacy and want to be sure we’re 100% satisfied that the images live up to our vision.

As you suggested, we are also working on some infrastructure pieces that are difficult to show at the moment. However, in the coming weeks, we’ll be able to show some things that we think you’ll be excited about.


Cool! Just remember it’ll bite ya if the "we’ll be able to show you"s add up with nothing shown, and worse if the wording isn’t taken literally–as in, “we’ll be able to show” doesn’t mean “we will show”, but the Internet don’t care! Seen it over and over again. :frowning:

Happy holidays!