Is this this still going to go ahead?


Who will dare back this one after the mess of Underworld Ascendant?

I know they say its a different studio in different area but its all under the same roof. Some have talked about the “industry veterans” that helped make Underworld Ascendant and how they might chime in too for SS3, the harsh reality is thats probably how it will happen if SS3 gets the green light, these dev guys are quite dynamic and need to even move physical base for work.

I’m not confident at all, hate to say this but I’d rather they leave SS3 alone instead of butcher it for some fast bucks (as seems the trend these days) just leave the legacy of SS1 and 2 for the great game play memory’s they were, we do not need SS3 to turn out how Underworld Ascendant has.


I think they have a $10 million deal with a publisher for SS3. Infinitron once provided a link.

Is that deal still on?


Still on. It’s worth noting that SS3 is headed up by Warren Spector.


I saw this today, which worries me a bit:

Starbreeze is looking to reduce costs and refocus on its core business after Overkill's The Walking Dead failed to meet sales expectations.

It’s unclear whether this means the company will be scaling back its publishing operations to focus on making games, though it raises some questions about the future of upcoming Starbreeze-published titles like System Shock 3 and Psychonauts 2.


Interesting Twist (pun intended).


Just to chime in here, SS3 will not be going through Kickstarter!

Haven’t heard anything from Starbreeze on the Shock3 front, so I think (as of right now), we’re unaffected.