It's awfully quiet....


It’s been 2+ years since Shock 3 was announced. No updates on since late May 2017. Apparently a few folks left the team a while ago, which I don’t consider to be necessarily a bad thing.

I wonder whether there will be any substantial information before or at GDC in March. Unfortunately OtherSide isn’t listed as a participating exhibitor as of yet (

Personally I’m super curious about

  • additional environment art
  • to hear what the team is working out (current state)
  • what the design / iteration process looks like

At this point OtherSide seems to be looking to fill Game Design Lead and Software Engineering positions (, which is pretty positive.

But I wish they’d show us some sign of life. Does anybody else feel that way? Any concerns?


Fair questions.

I’d sort of like to know where the SS3 team are at this point re: pre-production vs. production.


It’s pretty typical of a non-kickstarter project. That’s how software development usually works – a few announcements here and there and then a big marketing push at the very end of it.


Please excuse the typo above.

Agree. I just feel like it’s time for another batch of information to keep the fans in the loop and maybe even get some publicity. Other than the concept art we haven’t really heard anything in the last 2 years, aside from a few appearances of Warren Spector here and there.

11 months ago they signed the Starbreeze-deal, which means even at that time they must have had a rough idea of what they intended to do, in order to pitch their idea to secure the funding they eventually did.

  • I’d really like to know what the current team-size is ::slight_smile:


On one of the recent Warren Spector podcasts, he mentioned they were in the process of “blue boxing” the game, or some other color, right now. I’ve never heard the term, but he said he had an internal team of professionals working on it, and they knew what they were doing. This is before they take other people onboard. Sorry I can’t provide link. I listen to everything with this guy. He is really humble, and has a wonderful presence to his speech. A very refined and down-to-earth genius.


A real chip off the 'ol Garriott. :smiley:


Can confirm that SS3 is still pre-production. The in-house team is still quite small (I think less than or a little more than 10?), and they’ve been working hard on whittling down what concepts they want to move forward with.

I understand you’re excited for the game and want to see what’s been going on since, but when we DO have something prepared to show, you KNOW it’ll be worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Thank you! That’s what I needed to hear :slight_smile: I feel like they should take all the time they need (if the budget permits it). When I first heard that System Shock IP has been secured and that two games are in development, I literally thought “Hell yes, dreams do come true sometimes!”. Hence I don’t care whether it’s gonna be 2020 or 2023, just as long as it’s as good as it possibly can be.

… but please don’t forget that some of us check the web for news on a weekly basis ::slight_smile: