July 1 2019 Weekly Update!


Hey, it’s me! :smiley: Hopefully you guys didn’t miss me too much while I was on vacation last week.

While I’ve been gone, the internal team’s been focused on 3 different things:

  1. Update 4 Hotfix for PC
    Status: Standby

We are very close to launching a PC hotfix that contains some physics adjustments (no more floating when you stack crates, for example) and controller on PC adjustments (finally you can safely save your settings and save the game before quitting!) Currently blocked on a controller-specific issue that we want to finish up, where the hint text is not displaying the correct input. We think we have a fix and were hoping to have it ready by today, but it seems we’re getting pushed to sometime this week.

  1. PS4 Hotfix
    Status: WIP

In the same vein, we’ve been working on addressing major bugs reported by the community for a PS4 hotfix. Many of these have already internally been addressed, such as arrows not damaging players or enemies, and some reports are still being collected so we can try to catch as many bugs as possible. I mentioned earlier that we had hired an external QA and engineering team to assist us with console, and neither of those resources are available to us in the same capacity now, so progress is a little slower.

  1. Mac and Linux Port
    Status: WIP

As I’ve mentioned before, these are being handled by an external contractor and progress is still running as scheduled. They have to match our PC hotfix changes and are still primarily tackling some shader and loading issues. Note that the above two priorities will be released first, because we have less QA. From those of you who have already started playing UA on Update 4 on Mac and Linux, you know that we’re very close…

Those are our three priorities for this week and the next. I’ll be focusing on digital KS rewards and managing the physical shipment of our figurines and posters to Fangamer this week as well; expect a backer update on those soon!


As long as this game continues to have any type of official ongoing support, I will steadfastly wait. Although I seem to be leaning towards the PC version again, lately. :)


I am an early access backer. I am also a registered playtester for Mac. I haven’t been able to find a build for Mac newer than the Alpha. Did you mean “those of you who have already started playing UA on Update 4 on Linux” or is there a newer Mac build?


Sorry, I should have clarified; you’re correct that only a handful of Linux playtesters have played UA on Update 4 using their own tools and programs.

There is still no official Mac build, even for playtesters, yet. Those builds should be available after our hotfix priorities.


So when it says Mac port status WIP in the update it really means status no WIP? Do you realise how demoralising it is for everything else to take priority over the macOS port?


I should write longer posts for these…

So to put the entire Mac/Linux situation into perspective, we hired an external porting company who is still working on Mac and Linux simultaneously as our hotfix work on PS4 and Xbox One.

Mac and Linux ports are still being worked on by the external company, so QA doesn’t have anything to test yet.

Comparatively, PS4 and Xbox are currently live, and we have work we know we can do for the hotfix. The hotfixes should be done first chronologically.

The priority list is our estimated time of arrival is based on our schedule and the remaining QA in office.


Are there deadlines in place for this external company ? It’s been ages since a build was supposed to happen and nothing is coming. If you’re still paying them it sounds like they’re scamming you.


Thanks, but it’s a more long winded way of saying some of your KickStarter backers are bottom of the pile.