July 15 2019 Weekly Update


Afternoon everyone!

Getting right to it, this week’s agenda is:

  1. Identifying PS4 and Xbox One issues for the hotfix. We’re still working on reported bugs, as well as squashing new ones as we come along. Any information you have about PS4/Xbox bugs that you’d like to share can help us out a lot.

  2. We fixed the Map keybinding issue on PC, and this will be placed in the fix for Mac and Linux. This may be stealth hotfixed in for PC later, if we don’t find any other glaring Windows issues that would need hotfix-time.

  3. Mac and Linux playtesters have had the chance to play the build since midway through last week! We’re working through feedback and testing for performance among the handful of people who signed up. We’re aiming to have a final Mac and Linux build by next week, if QA and our playtesters don’t catch anything extremely serious. Thank you to everyone who’s been working with us on this front! We’ll continue to keep you updated on this front if there are any roadblocks.

  4. Backer rewards. I’m still making my way through the manual and other digital goods that require backer confirmation and coordination. Thank you to those who have offered to help me through this, with either encouragement or your editing expertise. Both have been a great help.

July 22 2019 Weekly Update!

Good to hear there’s progress on the macOS/Linux front.