July 22 2019 Weekly Update!


Afternoon everyone! Short but sweet:

This week, we’re finishing up work on Mac/Linux and continuing to work on PS4 and Xbox hotfix changes. We’re still monitoring bugs for the latter two platforms.

In addition to this, I’m working on the manual as quickly as possible and finishing up the Making Of DVD, which are two of the biggest final KS items that I need to complete before we can start shipping the physical editions.

As a reference, here’s last week’s post:


I’m encouraged that the game will make it to the game console platform…

so How do I use that? will I be able to use the “2nd digital copy of the game” on a game console of choice? I asssume they have shimilar game code librarieszz serving schtuff like schteeem? no?

whoops… let the state of MA get the better of me. I’ll ask in real time now …

can I use the “2nd” digital copy of the game, found in the box set, on a game console? I’d like my cousin to play this game.



Trench, sorry I don’t know the answer…but it’s a wicked irony that the comments section is in as much need of functioning NPC dialog and interaction as the game itself. I.e. it’s a bit barren round here generally?


YeaH Flug, it’s a bit quiet but I would expect this as we have the game released to masses.

I’m still curious how this whole life-of-a-game proceeds. So i’ve been following to get the full experience.


Hey Trench, sorry for not replying earlier!

The extra digital copy of the game is only for PC/Mac/Linux at this time. The physical edition that comes with your boxed version will be whatever version you selected on BackerKit.