July 23 Weekly Update!


Morning everyone!

So I did a quick scan over what you’ve all been talking about this weekend, and I can address some of those before I talk about what we’re tackling this week:

  1. Feats.
    Historically, these have been planned since even before I was brought on (in just a month it will have been my first full year at OSE!), but the system was a little different. Based on playtest and the Backer Alpha feedback, they’re in the process of being tweaked so they’re less invasive. The system itself is still integrated into the world since the Abyss is centered around survival and sharing knowledge, particularly with the Lizard Men. Your overall goal is about figuring out how to stop Typhon anyways, which will be about — you guessed it — interacting with the world, scavenging clues from other Factions, raising reputation with other characters to learn secrets, and more. It’s all about information as currency, and being able to share your Feats with the Lizard Men can help make the exchange more real. Showing them: “Here’s where I discovered a hidden passageway, and this is how you activate it.”

  2. Typhon
    Who is he? Can you fight him?
    So the short answer is no, you cannot directly fight him. He is a powerful entity whose reach is beyond the physical form, and the “Doom Counter” represents his strength and influence in the Abyss. You will have to find ways to restrict his powers… or not. Perhaps there are others you would rather stop instead. That’s the most I can say right now.

For this week, our strike team has been focused heavily on Narrative and making sure the Player choices are more significant in the overall game. We hear you about how completing small quests in between sessions may not be very rewarding and feel disjointed, as well as some of the levels feeling too linear or seemingly too restrictive. There’s been a lot of discussion among the core team, as well as with consultants from outside the company, who are helping us weigh in on how we can maximize with our scope. I saw a pass at the latest narrative draft, and I know I’m personally really excited to achieve some of these endings.

For the Backer Alpha and external playtest builds, we’re working on that Mac fix that stops the game from starting with the metal shader issue, as well as addressing that key bindings issue, saving issues, and the notorious inventory bug. It’s going to be busy on our end, but we’ll keep you all updated when we can!


Just to clarify my position about boss fights, I wouldn’t mind if there were optional boss fights along the way. I would prefer Typhon not be turned into a boss fight. I hated that at the end of SS2. I think the best way to deal with him would be world-spanning quests, and/or a world-spanning puzzle to defeat him. Lastly, bits of the lore could be scattered throughout the abyss, giving hints on how to bind Typhon and/or deal with him.


Thanks for the update.

On Feats…so they are entirely central. In that case, there will hopefully be plenty of ‘visibility’ options. It also sounds as if the focus is very much now on Lizard Men (moreso than the other factions?).

Slightly aurprised than the narrative is still being worked on, and consultation…but then again, this doens’t necessarily go against what Chris said not long ago about it all coming together at the end, but boy…no pressure then :wink:

My overall take is that the focus has narrowed regarding Feats/Memora/Lizardmen, and I don’t remember the Doom Countdown Clock being mentioned before the Alpha pass at Marcaul, but will reserve Judgement

Is release still planned for September?


As I said on Twitter, it’s an interesting update–thank you for it! :slight_smile:

This is good to read, on both counts! :slight_smile:

This all sounds rather interesting, and rather Underworld-y, to me. I like it! :slight_smile:

This too, I like–both in that Typhon is not to be a “boss monster”, and in the idea of seeking out ways to address the matter. :slight_smile:

The hints at some other path to follow than binding Typhon are intriguing–but I won’t ask for more, as that would likely stray heavily into spoiler territory!

“Endings”? So… do I take it then that the game has multiple endings? Or am I reading too much into that?

(I do like the idea of multiple endings. ^_^)

That would make sense, given that the lizardfolk city is the hub of the game-world.

I’m now imagining a team of ninja-like assassins who swing into the office, and at the nadir of their arc stab a stack of script-pages. (Which… somehow completes it? Magic knives. I’m going to go with magic knives.) This is done without pause in the swift and graceful curve of their attack, which carries them on and out of a nearby window–somehow lost to sight only moments later.



The team transforming into ninjas to focus on their target strike team goals isn’t entirely inaccurate :stuck_out_tongue:

As for some of the other questions, I can’t confirm much right now, but recall that I mentioned we are re-evaluating scope and timeline. The game comes first, even if that means we have to stretch ourselves a little thin at points to work on it. Busy weeks coming up at the office as we bring all the magic together, after all. :slight_smile:


… I’M very glad to hear this.


Honestly, speaking for myself, I’d much rather the game were delayed than that you stretched yourself thin. Perhaps especially when a delay might have similar effect–and possibly even serve the game better by allowing more time to work on it, and fresher minds to do it.


Any progress on Mac builds?


Mac fixes are on hold until after this week because of our large publisher milestone coming up this Friday… we apologize that this has taken us so long.

Locally, we have a hotfix that can work, but we haven’t had time to test it properly before we push the fix to the Backer Alpha branch.


I’m far more of a pirate. Give me a tall ship and a star to sail it by…


From a fog-shrouded sea a tall shape suddenly looms. It is the dread BugHunter, captained by MajorMalphunktion! As it draws nigh the newest, plunder-filled build, his snarling crew swing by the lines, knives (unwisely) clenched between teeth. No build has yet escaped this terrifying crew, and this day shall be no different. When the dark deeds of their work are done, the BugHunter vanishes back into the fog, dissipating like a wraith, leaving only bug reports in its wake…



That sounds about right.