July 29 2019 Weekly Update


Afternoon everyone!

I know it’s been quiet on socials; more or less the same old same old.

Needs another pass since we believe we’re on the final build and want to make sure we closed out most, if not all, of the major issues from the PC version. The PC version will receive the same hotfix changes (the map key function, some missing colliders, etc).

PS4/Xbox Patch:
We finished up work on this but we’re actually blocked on publishing a non-dev build. Still coordinating between our publisher and Sony/Microsoft to figure out what the issue is, and when we can get a date to you all for the console hotfix.

In the meanwhile, I finished up work on the KS Manual and am gathering final footage for the Making of UA DVD. Kickstarter backers should keep an eye on their inboxes for an update on their digital and physical goods either this week or the next for more information on our shipping schedule.

If you have any questions about your BackerKit information or need to urgently change certain information, such as your shipping address, please contact us at support@otherside-e.com .



This… is… a… thing?

Im always the last to know these things!


/Sandro -out


It’s one of the KS rewards!