July 8 2019 Weekly Update (PS4/Xbox One Hotfix, KS Update)


That’s only if changes aren’t being made to the other platforms including factors for hardware changes, and other factors non-coders couldn’t see coming, let alone pros.

What’s crazy, too, is how coders have to rewrite code that was already mastered elsewhere, because of ownership and significant differences in style, education, instinct, fuzzy logic, standards that may actually be wrong for what is being attempted. Programmers have too much in common with Sysyphus.


…True. Now can I push a spelling rock up a hill? :slight_smile:


The expectation for all platforms to get a version, and assumption it’s easy, when even AAA games back by big money, with 150+ employees outsource the ports, all got me wondering:

Are there a handful of medium- to large-sized 3D games, each made by a small indie team of 30 people or less (team, not, total company size), that did everything in-house, released on at least 4 different platforms, within 5 years of inception, that was received well and wasn’t buggy?