June 17 2019 Weekly Update!


Morning everyone!

Quick timeline overview:

6/18 - 6/20: Potential launch date for Update 4 on PC. There’s a couple of small bugs and blockers that should have merged from over the weekend that haven’t gone in yet, but this should not prevent us from launching Update 4 on PC this week. Waiting to get another pass from QA today for the final thumbs up.

6/20 - 6/28: Potential PS4 and Xbox One digital release for UA. PS4 is in better shape to launch earlier, since Microsoft’s certification process is still pending approval for our Xbox One build. They should release within this window.

Waiting to hear back from our Mac and Linux porters either today or before Wednesday on their updated status from last week. Can update this post once I hear back.

For today and tomorrow, I’m hopping between coordinating KS assets and sending footage to 505 for the updated console trailer, reviewing the Build Notes to make sure they’re accurately updated for this week and that they’ve been localized, and keeping an eye open for any bugs that we can prepare a quick Update 4 hotfix candidate for, if anything slips through the cracks.


Well that’s very soon, I’ll stop complaining and hope for the best. Ever been put on hold by the gas company because they overcharged you and you have no idea how long you have to wait for the other party to rectify the situation? That’s probably how most backers feel