Just checking in


Is it just me or did this forum DIE.


Yeah, not a lot here since the new forum software. I do like the change tho, it works great on my phone.


Honestly, I was just “testing for echo”. I really wasnt sure if there was an issue on my end, or if the last post really was 5 days ago! OK, Im sure things will get moving again, perhaps with the next Update.


It has been a bit quiet… I’m aiming to start up our UA Weekly Updates again, especially since this week will be quiet with some team members unavailable because of GDC!

Hopefully the forum transfer has treated most of you well; I know it can be a little strange to get used to, but it’s been a lot easier for us to moderate and have ownership of again.


What can I say, I still come here at least once a day!



Me as well, looking for good conversation, and any news. It’s nice to have all the LGS fans in one spot.


Well, we need something to discuss.

Core material for Update 4 sounds as good a subject as any. What do we know? That more NPCs and enemies are on the cards (but not dialog). Opinions? Or should it be the other way around? (not really viable, given that dialog requres a swathe of NPCs).


Im certainly NOT trying to come off as being too sceptical, but…

When I initially heard that “Stephen Russell” was on board, I imagined so many fun possibilities. I mean, did Stephen only get a “novelty” portion of the budget?

I am fairly ignorant to how money flows through video game development, especially when its paid for by the fans, but shouldnt there just be MORE recorded lines?

Write a bunch of cool lines pertaining to the story, record them, stick them in!

What am I missing!

What did Austin do?

Im sure at the last minute, he could whip up an epic masterpiece, then have Stephen and ANYONE talented run in and hit record!



There’s a ton of recorded lines by Stephen already in the game! That stuff adds up…

For reference, normally you hire a voice actor by the hour and you have their time to get as much done within that time slot. There’s a maximum hours per day (I want to say 2.5?), and normally we try to have extra lines we can hold onto in case there are ways we can use it in the future.

For NPCs, there have been a number of lines we’ve had saved up or can be recycled potentially for the extras we have planned. More importantly, their functionality within the world is being discussed and how we can make them more than just props, if possible. It wouldn’t be quite the same if we had entire months and a much larger budget to work on these features, but we’re trying to squeeze in as much as we can. Work’s going to be a little tough in the office until Update 4 launches for that reason.


Thank you very much for that insight and clarification! :D