KS Rewards Update


Morning everyone!

ICYMI, we have a page up of all the Kickstarter digital and physical rewards so you can track what you’ll be receiving at launch, and what should arrive post-launch.

I was able to share some images of the works-in-progress as well, which I’m pretty excited about!

Just a few days until launch…


Hi, I’m just downloading the game now
Regards backer reward keys I can see my two companion keys on backerkit but nothing regards other items. For example, the Dancing Jade Dagger ($750 reward). It says available at launch on the link you’ve posted - do I need to do anything more (or wait for further keys) to gain these and other such, lower tier backer items in the game ?

If it’s going to be a bit of a wait I don’t mind but would be handy to know

How about the sentinel behaviour (bowing or whatever it was) and the place to stay (I picked with the Dark Elves), is there a key for that ?


Dancing Jade Dagger should be available in the chest near Aelita in Marcaul. Let me know if it isn’t.

Some of the other KS Rewards are still pending distribution through a Steam bundle, and we’ll be updating you when that Steam key is available on BackerKit.


As a Journeyman backer… I’ve just reached Marcaul, and the Stash near Aelita is empty. Was expecting at least a couple items, IIRC…


Those are flagged to be released post launch.
See https://otherside-e.com/wp/ks-rewards-update-1-week-till-launch/

[i]Available At Launch:[/i] Little Friend's Claw Knuckles ... [i]Available At Launch:[/i] Silver Avatar's Ring

My confusion remains.


My OS is not supported in the current release so I can’t test to see if it “works on my machine.” These are fairly low level backer rewards and I would expect more people to be affected.

Has anyone else been able to claim the Little Friends Claw Knuckes or Silver Avatar’s Ring?


They aren’t actually released yet as they are waiting for steam to make the tiered DLC packages so they can generate and release keys for them. All that’s been released so far is the alienware ring, the week 1 companions and the adventurer level companions… And of those only the alienware ring seems to be successfully installing on steam. So none of the kickstarter rewards are available in the game yet.


So, “Available at launch” is a publicly-acknowledged lie? Have a source to cite, or are you just quoting hearsay?

I mean, I believe you, but I’d still like to know your source.


And various other places the devs are active, especially the discord server.

It’s not a lie, it’s just outdated (and overly optimistic) information. The assets for them are done (the ones they say are done anyway). But there’s a logistics barrier that’s cropped up with actually getting them distributed properly. Price of leaving everything to the last minute.


Thanks. However, that only really confirms they’re waiting on the DLC unlock keys needed to distribute the “Buy us Week 1 on Steam!” bonuses to sub-Adventurer Kickstarter backers (like my own Journeyman self). Neither links gives any indication why any backers wouldn’t yet have their backer stuff.

Leaving the question open. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else missing things?


We’re still waiting for Valve to bundle some tier-specific rewards for us so we wouldn’t have to give out so many additional keys. We thought we’d have that from them last week. They are coming!


Hi since posting above I’ve waited a while for the team to be able to catch up delivering KS rewards before I start playing
Over 3 months on, have those tier specific keys been released ?
I’m looking at my backerkit download page and I don’t see one

I haven’t hence run the game enough to see if my Dancing Jade Dagger is in that chest yet but I assume there’s no way it could be if steam does not know my backer tier

First thing I did was check this page https://otherside-e.com/wp/ks-rewards-update-1-week-till-launch/ but seems to look the same as it did in November

I’m sure I recall clicking on a more detailed, helpful spreadsheet page of what was done and yet coming but I can’t seem to find any link to that now from clicking through this forum


Hi there, we just did an Kickstarter update yesterday, but didn’t post it here yet. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othersidegames/underworld-ascendant/posts/2423769
We can answer any follow up questions you have!


Ok thanks, and the rewards table linked in the update was the one I was thinking of above

At this stage I’ll keep waiting until the remaining KS reward digital game components are done as I might only get time to play the game through once


It is pretty sad that us KS still do not have our rewards. But in the meantime you are porting the game to consoles, on which the people who donated $ on Kickstarter allowed you to do this.

Sounds very fishy that we cannot get digital items 2+ months after the release. I still have not even used my key since I saw all of the issues posted here and in other threads.