LAUNCH DAY INFO! (Will Update)


Morning everyone! IT’S LAUNCH DAY!

Kickstarter Backers should start receiving their final game Steam keys NOW! Please remember to check your emails and make sure your BackerKit has the right email address. ALL backers are receiving a Steam key, but note that the game is actually DRM-free. (Can be launched without the Steam client or played offline, etc). We are still working on acquiring a non-Steam DRM-free key for interested backers and will update everyone when that is finalized.

FAQ / Build Notes Doc

“Play NOW” Trailer

Your other KS rewards will appear as a bundled Steam key on BackerKit in a few days (we are waiting on Steam to confirm.) ADVENTURER+ backers will receive keys for their Companion Creatures on BackerKit today.

I’ll edit this post to include more important links as they go live, such as another trailer, a FAQ post, and more.


Congratulations for the launch.

Genuinely curious question: will you send non-Steam DRM-free keys to all backers as well, or only those that selected non-Steam in backerkit ? I suspect a lot of people, like me, selected Steam because you had no clear answer for a not-Steam platform, and we wanted to play at launch and not wait days-or-weeks before we got our hands on the game.

But that raises the question: if you’re planning on sending non-Steam keys to your backers as well as the current Steam keys, wouldn’t all these people be able to resell their non-Steam key on the grey market later on ?


If they get approval on GOG, they could use GOG Connect to directly allow the importing of the game from your Steam library to your GOG library without issuing keys. This does come with the caveat that you must permanently link your GOG account to your Steam account, but this seems the most reasonable way to me.


Link for anyone wanting more information


Thanks Nyast! We’ll most likely send out another survey as we lock down our non-Steam DRM-free vendor asking backers definitively whether they’d also like another key. If it’s GoG, we may be able to provide another key OR let them know about the GoG connect system, as smpita mentioned.


Giving all backers both Steam keys and the option of DRM-free was the right thing to do.

Best of luck, guys!


Congratulations for completing the project and good luck!


Thank you for the well wishes, it means a lot to us, especially from you guys



I’m still underwater with grad school until Thanksgiving, so I won’t be digging in to the game proper for another week but I’m SO EXCITED.

Congratulations team!!! Hope y’all are able to take a well-deserved rest soon! You’ve earned it.

Can’t wait to delve into the abyss…


Game crashes when you get to the exit of the skeleton area. Ran through it 3 times now , played since noon and after 7 hours I am still not out of the tutorial. That is just sad.


Congratulations Otherside!
I’m at 80% downloaded will play tomorrow after work.



Now keep updating the game for us, don’t abandon it please!


There are already post-launch patches planned and DLC.


Definitely no abandonment plans.

Going to continue updating the Build Notes as we go along, a couple of hotfixes going in this morning as well. We’re looking at spellbook, inventory, and preserving the language and setting preferences first and foremost right now.



We just pushed a hotfix that addresses a number of quick fixes for reported bugs and localization issues. It also adds logging to help us track down crashes. Your 21:9 support is here too!

We will continue to work on the top community issues that will take a bit more time to address (save games, AI, saving option settings, art glitches, crashes, player movement and performance, etc.).

FYI - If you are experiencing crashes, please make sure your drivers are all up to date AND verify your files via steam.
Go to the game in your Library > RIGHT CLICK > Properties > local Files Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Files

You can see the entire list of today’s changes below.

Hotfix 1.02
Russian text previously displayed missing text as blocks. This has been fixed.
Subtitles were added in the intro sequence for certain languages (French, Chinese, etc).
Partial French VO has been removed.
Faction Influences have been adjusted so more is gained from Side Bounties and the total required to unite the factions is lower.
Item names and descriptions have been updated in Japanese.
Additional monitor aspect ratio support added, like 21:9 (note that the UI may stretch in certain areas).
Player spellbook entries are preserved between levels.
Fixed issue where a pile of items incorrectly spawned at the start of some levels.
Player sound effects removed between loading screens.
In-Game Language choice preserved between play sessions. (Note that the Graffiti on walls will remain in the original language until you enter a new level).
MAGIC FIST spell now visibly causes an impact reaction on enemies.
Added more logging to help gather data on crash bugs


Really enjoyed the opening exploration. Then I had to quit and saved. Is that really going to erase everything I did?




Hello and congratulations!

I was waiting 15 of November to play Underwolrd Ascendant and I saw on Steam there is an offer of -15% of the price and some goodies (Buy now and receive the following for free: Underworld Ascendant - Underworld Map, Underworld Ascendant - Companion Creature: Vorpa and Underworld Ascendant - Companion Creature: Mana Leech. Offer ends November 21, 10am Pacific Time.)

Very nice! :slight_smile:
BUT: I discovered the Linux version is not (yet) available… :frowning:

So my questions are: when it will, will also the offers be renewed for Linux users? Is there a (little) playable demo available for Linux, to test if the game will work on my system?

Thanks in advance!



Note the phrase targeting to release, so maybe take that estimate with a pinch of salt. I brought plenty.


Yeah, I chose that word carefully. The quick update on Mac/Linux is that, while we have builds on those platforms that run, they need work to clean up a bunch of issues, some of which have been noted on these forums. We’re talking with a few external experts to help us out not only for their expertise, but also for their time so that we can get more done on them in parallel with the other work we need to do on UA.


As a Unity developer myself, who has to maintain Win/Lin/Mac/Android/iOS compatibility in all of my client work… I find this whole thing breathtaking. I also recalled seeing someone suggest this a while back, and found this post in another old thread:

EDITED TO ADD: Preprocessor directives are a hell of a drug.