Layoffs at OtherSide


QA tester Jared Mitchell and three others.

Thanks to everyone for the supportive messages. I have a LOT of thoughts I’ll probably be composing erratically over the coming weeks. Most important info first: I’ll be receiving one more paycheck from Otherside, and I’ve been given some severance, so I have some time.

Second, it wasn’t just me affected. Three other people were let go yesterday, and two people were reduced to part-time. I’ve been told that I could be rehired once the company gets some more funding, but the timing on that is really hard to predict.

I’ll be spending some time updating my resume, as well as finishing a portfolio piece for a bunch of design I actually did for Update 4 on UA. Hopefully I can get that done in several days. A couple of designers still at OSE generously said they’d work on my materials with me.

Others have already been digging up openings for me to apply to; apparently there’s Facebook groups of developers that are “alumni” of particular studios, such as Irrational and Harmonix, and people have already passed our resumes around there, which I’m astoundingly grateful for

A surprising number of people came out of the woodwork once I mentioned I was laid off, and I’m very humbled by their help. The amount of solidarity I’ve been shown is very touching. It’s a great example that I hope I’ll be able to live up to someday.

As I’m sure you can understand, the amount of work I’m going to be putting towards the channel is probably going to drop off during the job hunt. As if it didn’t take me long enough to put out videos.

I’m unsure about the approach I’ll be taking for Level Streaming going forward, but the approach of ONLY working on the map during the stream was started with the assumption that I wouldn’t need to look for work again. So, obviously, I need to finish it more quickly now.

I’m thinking of working on it as much as I can outside of job application time, and then using the Sunday streams as a way to showcase progress instead. I’ve also been thinking about stopping the streams, though I really don’t want to.

We’ve also got a complication, in that I was using the laptop provided by work for a lot of my projects. I’ve been told I can pay for it, but OSE needs to wipe it first, since it had UA source files and Shock 3 stuff.

So for the time being I’m back on… my high school graduation laptop. What a beauty.

I also don’t know what’s deemed “acceptable” in terms of talking about the process of being laid off, but I want to talk a lot about it on here. The Playing Field kinda broadened into discussing game development as a whole, and layoffs are (regrettably) a part of the experience.

So, yeah, I’m probably going to be ruminating on this a lot for the next couple months. It’s interesting, because I wanted to make a more personal video about the experience of having your job leech into your personal life, but decided not to do it a little while ago.

And now I want to do it again all of a sudden :P

Anyways I’m probably going to go see if I can find some poutine in Boston.


Chris Siegel (MajorMalphunktion) is gone:

Dates Employed Oct 2014 – Jun 2019
Employment Duration 4 yrs 9 mos
Location Boston


Not good, but perhaps predictable.

(let go or jumped?)

Despite ups and downs, I wish Chris well.


Having been through a layoff or two, it can be easy peasy or hand in meat grinder painful.

I almost feel like I’m loosing a coworker. fare well people.


Fare thee well, Siegel! (sigh)


Yikes, I can’t believe this guy was an emmy nominated editor!!! Why change from a career where you are nominated for emmys to making this horrid “thing”?


or maybe he’s just the king of all name droppers


Matt Davey:


Mike Ammer:


Here’s a big one - Joe Fielder:




Jonathan Fields, level designer:

Level Designer

Company Name OtherSide Entertainment
Dates Employed Sep 2018 – Oct 2019
Employment Duration 1 yr 2 mos
Location Austin, Texas Area

During my time at OtherSide Entertainment, I worked on System Shock 3 as a Level Designer, handling level creation from initial designs, including paper mapping and grey boxing, to final iteration, including propping and pacing as well designing and implementing scripted sequences and dynamic events.

I also worked as a Tech Designer handling the designing, prototyping, and implementation of key systems for the game, utilizing both C# and visual scripting tools to prototype and implement systems.


OtherSide Boston office admin:


Kyle Uberman, QA Manager at OtherSide Austin:


Vicki Resendez, Senior Producer:


Is this normal in the gaming industry?


People coming and going aloing with funding coming and going? Yes. At least here you won’t hear about rhe common layoffs of hundreds.


…maybe not 100s, but there were instances in the old days of company lay-offs en masse (actually, perhaps some of those did number in the 100s).

Hardly a surprise when you consider the relative success or failure of those games where the company only works on one or two properties/games at a time.


Lead Programmer Mark Allender:

Lead Programmer

Company Name OtherSide Entertainment
Dates Employed Dec 2017 – Nov 2019
Employment Duration 2 yrs
Location Austin, Texas Area


OK, when the Lead Programmer leaves, even I have to hope OtherSide finds a publisher for System Shock 3 soon.