Layoffs at OtherSide


if only Starbreeze had been financially sound… SS3 MUST see the light of day! Warren said there had been plenty of publisher interest…


…followed by plenty of Due Diligence, one would hope…


Francisco Cruz III, Senior Environment Artist:

Sr Env Artist

Company Name OtherSide Entertainment
Dates Employed May 2018 – Nov 2019
Employment Duration 1 yr 7 mos
Location Austin, Texas Area

System Shock 3

  • Environment modeling.
  • Creepy lighting (Enlighten).
  • Technical arts (Emissive blinks, scrolls, upvectors, and WPO in Shader graphs).
  • Performance.
  • Unity, HDRP.
  • Surviving Shodan.


Elizabeth Legros, who spoke at GDC this year:

OtherSide Entertainment
Total Duration 2 yrs 6 mos

  • Senior Graphics Programmer
    Dates Employed Jun 2019 – Nov 2019
    Employment Duration 6 mos
    Location Austin, Texas Area
  • Programmer
    Dates Employed Jun 2017 – Jun 2019
    Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo
    Location Austin, Texas Area