Layoffs at OtherSide


What’s that supposed to prove? Those games (especially DX:MD) have been on deep sales several times since their release.

But for the record, 2 million sales is weaksauce numbers by modern AAA standards, especially for an existing intellectual property. There’s a reason they’re not making sequels, and it’s not that they’re big meanies who hate good games.


That’s bullshit that 2 Millions Units sold is “Weaksauce”

If a company sells 2 million Units on JUST Steam Alone (As I already pointed out with another 1.5 Million Units sold on console) That Ain’t No “Weaksauce”!!

So I don’t understand all of the hatin’ and Bad-Mouthing of these games that sold Well (Not GTA 5 but who in the hell else sells like GTA V???)


Senior AI Programmer Gareth Cox:

Senior AI Programmer

Company Name OtherSide Entertainment
Dates Employed Jun 2019 – May 2020
Employment Duration 1 yr
Location Concord Ma


It’s weak. Marketing costs, years in development, number of employees, equipment, new gaming systems and OSs, and annual profits for shareholders, all must be accounted for when talking about this. Two million units is incredible for a tiny company with a little game developed for less than 3 years, with no huge marketing campaign, and no big name voice/performance capture, little or no travel expenses to fly talent in and put them up, only a humble booth at GDC and E3. It’s really terrible for AAA games with big teams, more than 3 years of development, massive marketing campaigns, big names, etc. Then throw in sponsorships, and other deals.


Fond wishes to the team that has departed. I’ve enjoyed working with you on Underworld Ascendant, and would enjoy continuing work with any future projects.