Leaving OSE & KS Update


Hi everyone,

A little over 2 years ago, I joined you as OtherSide Entertainment’s Community Manager, as my first job in the game dev industry. Over the last few years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work alongside the Boston team and many of you for Underworld Ascendant, and recently assisted with System Shock 3. Today is my last day at OtherSide.

I have accepted another offer at another company, which I can share more news about on my personal channels in the next few days. If we’ve communicated privately over the last couple of years, or you just want to see what I’m up to, feel free to reach out to me here!

I’ve left the team with a final checklist of Kickstarter goods for UA, and we should be in good shape for continuing relations for SS3. I’ll still be here on occasion on the forums and Discord, just not in an official employee capacity. :)

To double this as a weekly update, Will has been back on track from his illness and has been working again on the Xbox patch to match the PS4 and Update 4.3 versions on PC/Mac/Linux. OSE will push an update on the Xbox store with patch notes when that is live.

For Kickstarter physical goods , we’ve sent everything over to Fangamer and are confirming the final manufacturing (game boxes, media, etc.) and shipping timing with them. If you need to update your shipping address, please email support@otherside-e.com with your Underworld Ascendant backer # (available on your Kickstarter account) and what you would like your new address to be. This is VERY important, since once we submit our final addresses to Fangamer, you will need to contact Fangamer to have it changed, if it’s not too late.

For backers looking for non-Steam DRM-free version , we are still working on an itch.io page where you can redeem your key and rewards without using Steam. OSE will share a larger update on this when that page is up and running.

And that’s it! For the forseeable future, I leave you in the rest of the teams’ capable hands.

All the Best,


Sam, thanks for this update, including on the physical rewards for UA Kickstarter backers.

Mixed feelings on the news that you’re moving on from OSE. I’m very sorry you won’t be here – you’ve done an outstanding job of communication and studio support in your time here. And you’re just a nice person! You’ll be missed, though I’m glad to hear we’ll still see you around.

On the other hand, congratulations on the new position! Someone is about to find out what a very good hiring decision they just made. All the best to you!


All the best, Sam. You’ve been absolutely superb. During all the ups and downs when everyone was getting crazy angry about how UA had gone off the rails, you handled everything absolutely brilliantly.

You’re a first class Community Manager and a brilliant communicator. Wherever you go, they’re lucky to have you!

All the best,




Glad to hear Will is on the mend.

As for your departure, you get a ‘baptism of fire’ award, of course, and to keep that giant shovel you were given - you can now have it gold plated :slight_smile:

Sounds like a sensible sober clear-headed move to me and I’m sure it will work out. Look on the bright side, no more wading through that Steaming pile elsewhere, either…:grinning:

You’ll do very well in your new job. Like others, I wish you the very best.

(What it means for this place is less clear)




Sam, you’ve been awesome and we will miss you very much around here. Every day you brought a great attitude, enthusiasm and a desire to do a great job for our fans. Thank you for all that you’ve done here at OtherSide!

I’m excited for your next opportunity. I think you will do great there and they will be very happy they hired you. Please don’t be a stranger here or on Discord, you are always welcome.



One of the best Community Managers I’ve ever seen. Top 3. Thanks for that.



Hi sluangkhot,

one of the funniest moments here was when my son and you were both dissapointed, that you could no longer hop on a box and levitate yourself through the level Münchhausen-style in UA. As we all know, UA alas did not turn out to be anything close to what I and many others had hoped for, but I always admired how you kept on going, no matter what. Let’s see what SS3 will bring - will buy for regular price after release this time ;-)

All the best for your future,


Farewell Sam, thanks for all the effort and interventions. Good luck ahead.


Another one bites the dust. RIP.

P.S. Miss you, Sam. Echo what everyone else said.


Step over the corpse… :p


hold on a sec …

who’s gonna give us updates? who will be the calming voice of reason when members get frazzled ?