Major reworking of my Ultima Underworld Walkthrough


[center][/center]After the release of my Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough I wasn’t satisfied with my Ultima Underworld 1 walkthrough any longer. The Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough has bigger pictures which one can invoke from the different maps. And these pictures are shown more centred. The Underworld 1 walkthrough had smaller pictures which appeared in the upper left corner of the browser.
Therefore I decided to make a major reworking of the Underworld 1 walkthrough. I resized 209 pictures and movies, changed 20 pages for the new resolution and corrected some errors. I also added some new screenshots and movies.
The reworking of my walkthrough is dedicated to Optician Dragon / Mark Morris who passed away in 2012. Optician was my main proofreader back in the days when I created this walkthrough the first time. Rest in peace my friend - see ya on the funway!


Very nice!

I haven’t gone all the way through it, but a couple of suggestions:

  1. As someone who’s played UW1 quite a few times, I recognized when the Introduction cutscene started looping… but someone who’s new to this game might be confused by that.

  2. At the bottom of each page, you provide a way to mute or lower the volume of the music that plays. This is nice, but even nicer might be to give your visitors a clear option at the top of the very first page of whether they want music to play at all.

One other possibility might be a page dedicated to the Easter eggs and in-jokes in the game. Overall, though, you’ve done an excellent job of providing the information that a new player of UW could want. I particularly like the Must Do / Should Do / Can Do sections.


Thank you so much for your work! I’m a happy customer :wink:

Also, condolences for your friend Optician Dragon / Mark Morris. I know what it feels to lose someone who you respect and care for.


Hey man. Awesome work as always. Love the updated guide.

Sorry about your friend. I’m sure he would be proud of what you’ve accomplished.