March 19 Weekly Update!


Morning everyone! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Just to clarify, we are still working on our Update 3, which is primarily focused on bug fixing and polish. Changes such as adding in a notification for quicksaves, fixing the bug where you could save mid-quest and then lose quest progress when reloading, and several other issues are being addressed as we keep our eyes on our Update 4. Update 3 is estimated to release sometime next week, once everyone is back from GDC.

For Update 4, we cannot promise which features will make it in, but I can share that we are strongly interested adding in additional NPCs/creatures/updated combat. Note that our focus on NPCs does not mean dialogue trees. Given the scope of our timeline and budget, we will be looking at ways to flesh out the narrative and world building with what we currently have as efficiently as possible. We’re kicking around a couple of ideas on how to do this without breaking the bank and also making it enjoyable; having fun and meaningful interactions within a game can really change the experience.

And of course, if you haven’t seen it already, the Austin team is busy with System Shock 3.


Thanks for the update, as well as for setting expectations. I hope we can eventually see Lurkers, Spiders, and the stretch goal types (wailing haunts, faction races), even in a limited capacity.


I really miss the lurkers.


If only we had more water for the Lurkers to swim around in :’(

The current list of creatures we’re looking at need to make sense for the Abyss layouts, be flexible, and have different behaviors from the prevalent Skeletons.


Guess I’ll actually finish the game once Update 3 hits.


Thanks! I will wait until Update 4 to start my playthrough. It would be cool if we could see at least 1 type of new creature if there isn’t much room for multiple ones. It wasn’t the long dialogues with human NPCs that I miss the most in Ultima Underworld. The most memorable was the one with the ghoul that gave you the lava boots and the troll that wanted rotworm stew. If only I could run into those guys again in this game!


There are a couple of new creatures underway that may come hand in hand with the new NPCs. Most I can share right now, again, as we continue to work on all these features; Update 4 is trying to maximize as much as we can!


Blind electric eels. Leeches. Jellyfishy thingies. Anemones. Giant amoebas. Grasping seaweed. Tiny octopi. All potentially have modular movements and interactions that can be translated to other things down the road.


Welcome back, my friend.


…to the show that never ends.


…we’re so glad you could attend. Come inside. Come inside.


I never expected to see anyone say this :smiley:
But I get what you mean, yeah.
Whether that’s at all practical now that you can go underwater, time will tell.


FlatFingers isn’t the only one that misses them.


Lurkers! I miss them too! (and headlesses of course)


We all miss the lurkers…and some regular posters too …


Lurkers were great – I still think of them as THE iconic monster in UU/UU2 – because they served so many useful purposes:

  • a frustrating tactical challenge in the early game
  • made water/swimming a lot more interesting
  • created value for mobility spells found later
  • were very satisfying to finally go back and beat
  • often gated access to cool loot
  • visually interesting (though probably annoying to animate)

Although the headless and other monsters were fun, nothing else filled their niche quite as well as the lurkers did.