Matt Groenig's 'Disenchantment' Out To Lukewarm Reviews


So, Disenchantment is out to very lukewarm reviews:

With this in mind, has anyone seen the show yet and what was your opinion?


I’m going to watch it tonight and decide. Josh Weinstein, who did the super underrated Mission Hill, is showrunner. His humor is a lot more understated that what you’d generally get in a typical Simpsons or Futurama episode, so I’m hoping that there’s just a disconnect of expectations there, and that it’s not actually a bad show.


Hoping for the same as I absolutely loved Futurama.


Well, the show is OK. I can see potential and I’ll definitely give season 2 a chance. Watching it back and forth with the latest season of The Venture Bros. isn’t doing any favors to Disenchantment though, that’s for sure. Seeing a show in absolute top form next to one that is struggling to find its footing is interesting.