May 1 2019 Weekly Update


Hooray, a weekly update! …on a Wednesday. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’ve been keeping up with our casual updates, you know that our biggest priority right now is optimizing performance for console builds. At the same time, we are investigating all of the crash reports we’ve received related to Update 3 and still trying to determine the root of it.

For our Update 4 timeline, this may delay us, as well as our console release. Originally, the plan was plan was for Update 3 to be a Very Stable build of UA that we could use as a springboard for Update 4’s more ambitious NPC work. However, we were blindsided by some pretty serious crashes from new players as well as some returning players, and we’re still struggling to nail down the exact cause. As a result of our local QA, 505’s QA, and our external company’s QA who we hired out to assist us ALL missing these crashes, we’ve changed up our QA workflow to cover more specs as we move forward with testing. This also means that some significant time of Update 4 is being taken up to fix issues flagged during Update 3, and ensure they do not persist in the console versions. Obviously we do not want the game to take steps back as we release updates, so it’s important for us to be as timely as we can while being mindful of our limited budget for UA.

Update 4 plan was originally slated for late May / early June. We’re still tentatively aiming for that area, but note that our current priority is submitting builds to console so we can have something ready for this coming year. (These console builds are focused primarily on performance, which will in turn be reflected in PC’s Update 4). For those curious about Update 4’s overall status, most of the frameworks for the systems, new characters, and additional areas we want to include have been set up and require polishing and testing. There are some minor changes that you may be surprised to notice as well, such as the introduction of combat music

There are also some features that we are experimenting with in the interest of making gameplay clearer. We had many new players mention that they didn’t understand combat or didn’t find it interesting and a LOT of feedback on the game UI. Both of these issues have been flagged and are under review from the team with various prototypes that we hope will make these systems easier to understand. We need to be mindful of our scope and budget with these, of course, and crashes and performance still have priority, but it’s a part of the work we’ve been kicking around.

The front lines will be quiet for awhile as I myself will be working on some QA as well as preparing some gif / video assets of our work for Update 4. I’ll be checking in every morning to see what you all think!


I have a question relating to post-console launch.

Will any future changes and updates to the PC version make it to the console?


Thanks for the update! I look forward to #4


our biggest priority right now is optimizing performance for console builds

Where does OSX sit in the priority list?


Right at the bottom with Linux of course. Thank heavens we paid less than Windows backers otherwise we’d be feeling a bit hard done by … oh


Since the OSX port is now being done by a contracted 3rd party, I can’t see how it’d be competing with in-house work on come centralized “priority list”.

As I understand, that was the main point of farming it out to a dedicated specialist: they saw how it kept getting pushed down their in-house priority list, so they put it on its own separate track that couldn’t be derailed by the need to put out other fires.


I had only seen them consider that option. Can someone link me to information about this actually happening rather than just being under consideration?


A couple updates ago: Apr 1 Weekly Update! [Not April Fool's]

The last paragraph of the initial post talks about 3rd party conversion.


I have a question relating to post-console launch.
Will any future changes and updates to the PC version make it to the console?

Just to confirm, this is why we’re attempting to match Update 4’s launch with console, so we don’t have to patch as often for console. If we had another Update, we should be able to match that as a patch or update to consoles. It just might take a little longer to reach console since it requires more time and testing.

Where does OSX sit in the priority list?

I see Browncoat and Dewi were kind enough to link to my earlier post, but I could include these updates in more Weekly Updates so returning fans don’t have to scroll through multiple posts. Yes, we have an external company assisting us port our work so we can focus on console. I should also clarify that when I say “we are focusing on console,” I’m referring specifically to the UA in-house team. Some games are handed straight over to another company to complete the port, but in this case, our in-house team needs to work with the console team from 505 to make sure it runs smoothly, so that’s what is occupying our time. There’s some room for adding Update 4 work since we thankfully spread it out along Update 3, but once we hit our console deadline, we can return to optimizing Update 4.

Once the console team has a baseline build they’re happy with, we set it up on console stores before we can patch in our optimizations. They just want to have a build that they know can be launched with.

Hope this clears up some of the confusion, as well as how our pipeline is coming along.


Thank you for the reply.

Believe it or not, I have been considering playing the console version instead of PC…

How close will the two versions be to each other, will the console version suffer at all?


They should be 1:1 since many performance optimizations worked on for console have already been merged into the PC version. Likewise, content developed for PC is also being integrated with the console performance in mind.

If there are additional updates after console launch, note that PC would most likely get them first, just in terms of our access to building quickly for Steam. Additionally, if you’re a KS backer or purchased digital add-ons, those are available on PC only at the moment. I’ll have to double check if we’re including console DLC, such as the Week 1 Companion Creatures we did for PC on launch week.


Thanks, so it sounds like in the longest run, the console will get the full game.



Also as a follow-up, this week is pretty quiet as well. Still doing console work and bug fixing.