May 20 2019 Weekly Update


Afternoon, everyone!

I’m swamped with work this week and was going to post this Wednesday, but then I recalled that we originally started these updates on Mondays so you could all be in the loop for the rest of the week. While I’m waiting for this to buffer, here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on in the office:

CONSOLE PRIORITY. Still aiming to have this wrapped up by the end of this month, and we’re working alongside our Mac / Linux external porters as we finish up work on Update 4. Patching in any quick fixes and community bugs that we can.

So as we speak, I’m working on gathering updated footage for a potential console trailer. Our last trailer was only released at launch (November 2018!) and we have so much new content that it only makes sense to update the trailer as well for our console launch. I’m grabbing footage this week, cutting it up next week, and hopefully exporting the whole thing by end of next week, right before we need all our console materials submitted.

In addition to this, I’ll be finishing up the Art Book draft (sneak peek here!), reviewing the Game Manual (it needs an Update 4 narrative pass), and coordinating our physical Kickstarter rewards so we can start shipping things out by early June to Fangamer and hopefully get those physical goods in the appropriate backers’ hands soon after. Note that this timeline for the physical goods are tentative, since I’m wrapped up in this console trailer work, as well as coordinating the asset circus.

I’ll be easier to reach on our Discord for the time being, since I keep that open on my phone while doing the render work. I trust all of you to hold down the fort for me here! :wink: