Memora/Secrets displays "[LogTitles/Memora_Swamp1_Intrigue_010]


This problem happened at least 5-6 times in my first play through and when I started a new game (so I could take advantage of the new digital awards) I encountered this problem for the first time in the Underswamps.

The quest was to pick up a Memora and when I did, instead of an appropriate title/text in the “Secrets” section I saw this for the title:


I’ve gotten around other issues (like freezing until the load finally happens) but this is kind a deal breaker for me because it’s part of the overall story narrative.

BTW, I love the game…I really want it to work. I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for this. Thank you.


After I posted I saw the following in the December patch notes:

A small handful of memora logs have no proper title text or text for the audio. These will be found in some Intrigue faction quests. The quests are still completable and will count towards your memora log count.

So I guess it’s a known issue - any idea whether this gets fixed in the next update?


Oh, well spotted! I’d completely forgotten about that patch note when I saw the bug, and never made the connection, but you must be right.


I can follow up on this! I suspect that given some of the quest changes going on for Update 2, this should be addressed. Thanks for the reminder!