My Launch Edition Crashes Immediately.


I’m a Backer and after my beta would start then crash Immediately, I deleted it. When I saw the launch Edition released I downloaded it from Steam and got the same result. I reinstalled from Steam and It Continues to launch, load the Unity Logo and I see some error box with a skeleton pop up for half a second. Every Version after Alpha has been broken for me. Wheres my game?


I am in this same boat. What am I missing? By the lack of reply to you I am not sure anyone noticed. I figured I’d have a box copy by now but nothing.
Glad I did not follow this one as all reviews seem to show it has failed miserably, yet I’d still like to make that judgment myself.


I’ve seen that Unity dialog skeleton-pic box pop up a couple times - does it log to any kind of logfile that might give some useful debug info to the user about what they might be getting conflicts with?


Hi guys,

Must have missed this forum post in December, and for that I deeply apologize :frowning:

It’s troubling this is still persisting after Update 2, since we have very few crashes reported from our in house and publisher’s QA teams. The next time UA crashes, can you send your output log to ? It would be IMMENSELY helpful for us to identify why the crash occurred, and we might even be able to follow up with instructions on how to fix it.

To find your output log, go to:

C:\Users[Your Name Here]\AppData\LocalLow\OtherSide Entertainment\Underworld Ascendant

If you’re not familiar with this, basically go to your C: drive, click on the Users folder, etc until you reach Underworld Ascendant. The AppData folder may be hidden, which is why it’s generally easier to copy and paste the above into a File Explorer with your Username inserted. (Note this is the format for Windows only).

From there, you should see an output_log.txt . Attach that log to an email and send it to us!


So glad you replied - I’ve done over 100 hours and then update 2 arrived and I launched just once…now it crashes every time…sending details to the support email.