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“Swindled” is the word I really object to. This may not reflect your understanding of their vision, and I do understand how that can be frustrating, but I think it is in line with what they wanted to convey. Certainly no one tried to “trick” you. They hired one of the industry’s best art directors in order to make the game better, and this represents the work he and the team have done to better convey the feeling they want for the game.

The fact that so much has changed "to be less work" after the game is funded doesn't give me confidence in what this team is going to produce, and quite frankly, in my mind calls integrity a bit into question.
Do you really think they spent the money to hire a high profile art director like Nate Wells and then redo all of the assets they've done so far "to be less work?" I find that a pretty absurd conclusion. They're spending a good deal of money bringing in AAA talent and putting a lot more work into developing a unique style. It's an investment, if anything.

This art style is not any simpler or easier to create than the old one. When they mentioned budget, they were only saying that this style doesn’t invite comparison to more expensive AAA games in the same way, not that the old style was more expensive to create.


I’ve given examples of why I feel that way, told to me both publicly and privately, that I’m not going to repost. You object because you don’t agree, fine. I feel differently. So there we are. Two people disagreeing on the Internet. Imagine that.

They didn’t say “less work” for the sake of sitting around playing beer pong all day - they said less work in regards to what a small team could accomplish in time - I’m well aware. However, I was given the impression based on the description that they would be taking the funding, along with other investment funds to build a larger team, and more importantly, to take whatever time was necessary, to bring the concept that they clearly sold to everyone on Kickstarter to life. (You know, concept art used to show a concept and all that? And for every example of concept art they may highlight that doesn’t look like the game or movie in order to justify doing whatever they want, I can show you three that are clearly very similar - otherwise why call it “concept art”?)

The “best art director” they’ve hired is not, in my opinion, making the game better. YMMV. I was never interested in funding a new game set in 1992 / plastic tabletop figurines art style. Prior to recently, I didn’t think I had. You may be excited about that - I’m not. You can take exception to whatever word I’ve used and accuse me of all the absurd conclusions that you like, but I’m done here, at least on this forum. Goodbye and good luck!


Farewell Skullduggery.

I will wait for the prototype to be updated with the art style and see then for myself. Who knows, maybe I underestimate things.

Maybe some videos could sweeten the wait?


But they didn’t say “less work” at all. They only said that AAA games involve a lot more work. Not because of their art style, but because they are AAA, and to make something that invites direct comparison to games that cost 20 times as much is not flattering.

They could have made something in the more realistic style and it would have been less work than what they are doing now (starting over), but they’re saying it would have looked like a cheaper version of AAA games.



Triple I can’t compete in that area. Gearbox learned that, No man sky learned that, even the indie survival games push way down on the graphics dial.


I appreciate all the response and feel better about the new art direction. However, I do hope that it doesn’t come off as too “cartoony”. One of UU’s calling cards was the feeling of visiting very old, some decrepit, claustrophobic, used lived in places. Nothing I have seen conveys that feeling.


Sometimes a unique style is better than a realistic style. The skeleton have a strange model, but I love his psychopathic expression and the will-o-the-wisp inside of it.
I want to be honest, when I shaw the pic for the first time I thought “This is weird”, but in the end I think that a new art-style will be better.
Seriously, do you want to see a common art style? The same skeletons that you can see in other games like The Elder Scrolls saga?


The law says skeletons have to be thin :wink:

And clanky :smiley:

Yes, lots of clanky ;D

The AAA vs small-budget debate above doesn’t really come into the art direction style IMO. I actually think the renderer doesn’t look half bad in situ, and while it’s not going to get the Carmacks and Sweeneys open-mouthed, it looks perfectly good. But because it’s not pushing silly amounts of bleeding-edge tech, it will probably work better with a reduced range, in terms of both assets, colour-spectrum and lighting effects. It is finding the sweet-spot for all 3 that will determine the overall mood. Too much of one thing, and it is at risk of coming unstuck.

Another danger, which I think some share, is that having a visual guy ‘name’ onboard means they need to justify their keep (and cost) wit a strong ‘portfolio’ style to ‘earn their keep.’ Nothing wrong with that - no point having a big gun come anboard then not be used- but it’s vital it works within the existing world, or modifies it. Changing it wholesale is going to alienate many who remember the original, or regard it assomehow set in stone,boom boom. As Warren will know, it’s basically a design doc decision that says whether you try and stay with the rose-tinted specs, or go after a newer audience, or both. I think those dilemmas are what is playing out now, in all sorts of ways. Either way, I think the game will be some kind of success, because the goodwill and fondness is there. But what you don’t want is change that is too radical, to the point where you end up with bunch of people feeling like jilted lovers. I know, common-sense says all this is obvious, balance bla bla,but I’ve seen games early in dev just get it plain wrong (god knows I had to document one that had the most undocumented deign-changes you ever saw, talk about moving goalposts…).

It’s much easier with a clean slate. UU carries a huge amount of baggage, partly because of age, and the sheer fondness in which it’s held. Glad I’m not designing it. ;D ;D

And skeletons must be clanky. Clank, clank, clank.


And they must fall apart when defeated.


I hope it isn’t cartoony, either. I don’t think that’s really what they’re going for, though. Real and cartoon aren’t the only two options.

It is a little hard to judge from only a skeleton. I think we’ll need to see more character designs to really get a feel for the look.


Chill. Otherside has made a tremendous effort to listen to their fans.

Also, I’m not worried about the team being six people: they are outsourcing.


I would agree that UA went to KS earlier than I would have liked it to. This might have been a necessary decision to secure the funds and talent they needed to get to this point, but if, hypothetically, they went to KS now, showing the game for the first time with a more fully formed artistic vision and some attractive footage that showed the game in its current state, it would have not only generated a lot more money, but been far less apt to alienate backers who got used to/attached to the earlier idea of how this would look.

I hope that if and when System Shock 3 goes to crowdfunding, they’ll have hashed these things out in advance.

I think you misunderstand me, sir. I’m totally on OtherSide’s… side (that sounds weird). I’m very happy there’s more effort to develop a unique art style, and I like where they’re going with it. I was once only mildly interested/cautiously optimistic about that, but now I feel a lot better about it.

I was more just trying to say that there’s no pleasing everyone, and it’s one of the hazards of crowfunding a game, especially so early in development.


I guess this is a warning to have more than concept art up during the next Kickstarter. :confused: People get jaded, but they backed a game without much proof of concept up front, then get disappointed down the line, and act all passive-aggressive on the forums.


Well, they hired him after the Kickstarter. Before that, all signs pointed to a more realistic game style. I saw this image, and thought of how much fun it would be to create a character with this style.

His appearance isn’t exactly photo-realistic, with an exaggerated nose and shoulders, but the colors, layout, and (especially) the lurker really come alive. This, plus the “dwarves vs dark elves” print, gave a pretty convincing direction. I can totally see how people would have fallen in love with this art over the last year.

I’m not going to say this new style is bad, by any means. It is different, so perceptions will have to change. As long as the game is fun, I’ll go along with it. I’m really looking forward to the new prototype! Gameplay and lore beats art style any day; there is a reason I’m still playing Ultima Underworld instead of the latest AAA games.


Almost every KS I’ve seen that was launched before much dev work had been done runs into these people that get upset when things begin to crystalize and the reality doesn’t match up with their imagination. It’s to be expected, to some extent, but it’s worse for some than others (Double Fine Adventure, where they launched their KS with literally no art, story, or concept, suffered a huge backlash when the game didn’t turn out to be exactly what everyone imagined in their minds).

There’s a reason why, in the publisher world, games seldom get announced before they’re deep into development. There’s a certain arc to how you build up hype, and starting too early or with too little is usually counterproductive to that goal unless it’s something with inherent hype (inevitable sequel to a major series).


But I don’t want to fall apart…


Haha, awesome! (except his hand is melting through the floor)


My modeller sends me strange pics of the monsters doing stuff all the time.


well hello …

Looks like the terminator has been at the pies and hormone therapy again… :smiley:

They really do need slimming down imo…not sure we want want the skeletons looking calorific and cuddly…mind you, I think he’s on the verge of a break-dance…friday afternoon modelling at its finest… :wink:


The skeletons will make a lament? Would be interesting to know what kind of sounds could make a will-o-the wisp inside a skeleton chest. :stuck_out_tongue: