New screenshots at GameWatcher


Then try to get me and follow me into the metal press!


I also would prefer a less cartoony style. Simply ruins too much atmo/feeling for me, and that was one of the main points of most LGS games, at least for me. A style build around the skulls seen here would be actually ok, imho.

For me its solely the style not the “quality”.


Shockingly, that shot you mention, is from the same exact map, they are about 40 feet apart in location.


Those same skeletons, with slight alterations to shading, would look badass instead of cartoony.

Part of it is about the light an enemy in the light of day (or a bright area) is less scary than the exact same enemy in a darker room.

Unless they are meant to be dwarven skeletons though, I do agree that they should be slimmed down a bit, and dirty them up. They’ve been wandering underground for a century or two, they shouldn’t look like they just got out of the shower. (Unless they did in fact just get out of the shower…


It’s okay, we can have more informed and detailed criticism/feedback once we get to play around with it in real time. Right now, most people are just reacting to the skeleton screenshots that didn’t look quite what they expected and some people probably didn’t realise initially that it’s still work in progress and evolving.


Well, I definitely like the rest, just meant the skulls/skeleton. Are these the same? They at least look different. The two things that look imho better in that screen for me are the proportions and the missing facial expression.


Looking at those bones, they could do with some trimming down. The bones kinda looks a bit big and puffy, rather than bony.