New Teaser via IGN


IGN Exclusive where we shared some screenshots and our new teaser!

Watch it here.


System Shock 3 is a first-person action game in which you are free to play and explore how you want.

So, you’re officially not classifying SS3 as an RPG?


Holy cow. That is one intense trailer. It’s also jam-packed with amazing environmental moments – anyone curious about the look-and-feel of System Shock 3 will get an eyeful from this teaser.

I agree that describing SS3 as a “first-person action game” rather than as a RPG is pretty interesting. It suggests this sequel is designed to be more like the original System Shock, which focuses on power progression primarily through finding better weapons and cyber-hardware, than like System Shock 2 with its strong RPG emphasis on making lots of choices from among many magical superpowers.

If that’s true – if SS3 excludes RPG elements similar to those implemented in the more recent SS2 – then I will bet you dollars to donuts this is the #1 thing people will complain about when SS3 is released (assuming no crashes, graphics errors, etc.).


System Shock 2 was the first video game I played, and that was at the tender age of 42. I can’t tell you how many runs I have done.I pretty well managed to lose my latest game.

Poor Tommy. I hope he makes it out OK.

I haven’t been this excited for a game since Borderlands 3!

Please don’t go Epic Exclusive. I beseech you, don’t break my heart. I couldn’t take another blow like that.

Cheers and good work on that trailer. It looks fantastic.


Please note that is a quote directly from the IGN article, not from us.

We do plan to have RPG elements in the game, probably more along the lines of other immersive sims versus full-blown RPGs. As always, our types of games tend to defy easy categorization so I just wanted to offer some clarity.

Also, to address a question that has come up elsewhere, we do have some new things planned for SS3, as Warren has alluded to in the past. We’re not ready to talk about them yet though . . .


Thank you, Walter! Official knowledge > under-informed guessing. :smiley:

I’d actually welcome something in between original System Shock (in which finding new gear allowed progress but, with no meaningful choices, wasn’t really a RPG element) and SS2 with its very overt abilities model. (SS2’s progression economy was actually pretty wild: cybermodules for abilities, AND nanites for vending machines, AND chemicals for research!)


SS1 is the better game. I really like the music there, but I’m not sure if any rhythmic beats fit the mood of SS3. Is SS3 going to be silent and scary that way? Also I’d like to see the little door opening puzzles return, because they immerse you into the moment.

Don’t be afraid to make the game feel gamey. SS2 tried to be more serious, but in the end it felt tad silly at times (music, monkeys, the teeth and flesh, some enemy quotes). SS1 rocks because there are those nice beats you can listen to while blasting enemies down, while the fear factor comes from the lethality of the enemies, limited visibility at times and noises you can hear. In the end System Shock is about action, not RPG or anything, so don’t make the game feel too slow or too often about tough choices.

Bioshock is good because it is basically more like SS1: It’s franctic action but with very intense mood and artistic visuals with top notch voice acting. SS2 is a good game, but it doesn’t feel nearly as satisfying to blast enemies in it, you always have to play with all the toys to get forward, which makes you stop very often to think how to approach. It’s cool of course to have phasing like that, but I really like more the Bioshock way where you swap between weapons and plasmids and just roast your enemies, feeling like the beefed up protagonist you are supposed to be. In SS1 you get upgrades which should and does make you stronger, plus you have that military implant from the very get go.

SS1 is not only about running and gunning of course, the gear you get can be used smartly, plus I like the fact you can have all your mods available and one source like the energy to power all of it. Why limit the player to pick a class just to find trash later in the game you can’t use, when you would certainly like to use it? It’s more fun to explore and find new gear than to find upgrade points and then guess which ability might become most useful later on. The game is also easier to balance difficulty wise if there is no skill point/class system, since some abilities tend to become stronger than others, which you then might own or not.


It looks really great,looking forward to the game. Hope they find a publisher to back them $$$.