New TV Shows


Okay, so I thought I’d take a moment to share my watch list of Autumn/Fall new tv shows.

[center][/center]The Orville.

Okay, so The Orville is a highly unusual sf comedy from Seth McFarlane. Essentially, Seth has taken Star Trek and added a comedic element to the mix which surprisingly works really well! I as well as a few critics had some real doubts at first, but I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong. The expectation was that the show would be both a crap sf show and a crap comedy, it’s neither and the opposite. The sf side has been very well imagined and introduced the element of humour, something many lesser sf shows could have done with as they do tend to take themselves too seriously. In fact, I would go so far as to say that while not as good as The Veep I have no qualms to describe the show as sf with a dash of Veep-like comedy. The SF side of things has been really thought through, the writers have sat down and created an entire universe populated by numerous races many of them really well-thought through.
So far, four episodes have been released and I’ve watched three, all comedy gold. I’m really looking forward to seeing Charlize Theron who joins the cast next week I believe.

More to follow


I’m not hating it.

Some of the humor is definitely MacFarlane-style, and it doesn’t always fit the characters or situations. But the stories so far are better than I expected. And the CG’s surprisingly good.

Plus they got Liam Freakin’ Neeson as a guest star this week. And a full guest episode from Charlize Theron next week. Presumably some of the other people MacFarlane has worked with will show up later.

Also, I look forward to the first bottle episode. :wink:


hah yeah, it was great to see Neeson :slight_smile: Yup, the CGi and the writing is surprisingly good.


Speaking of TV shows, there are a couple I’ve seen recently that are so outstanding that I can’t resist sharing them:

  1. The Good Place (NBC, Hulu, Netflix): I was expecting this to annoy me. Instead, it turned out to be whip-smart, fiendishly funny, and in several cases superbly acted. Kristin Bell is always good, and William Jackson Harper is a revelation, but there is a Season 1 moment in which Ted Danson gives a performance that deserves to be included in a 100 Best TV Moments of All Time list. Season 2 has just started, but you can marathon Season 1. Just don’t read stories about this show before watching it.

  2. The Norsemen (Netflix): Filmed first in Norwegian, then in English (same actors, no dubbing), this one answers the question, “What if the Vikings were just regular people, with all our failings, only with a lot more gruesome violence and a surprising interest in modern cultural relevance?” The six episodes brilliantly ease you into the soap opera moments, then, while you’re chuckling at the “hey, the people back then were just like us” humor, knock you on your butt with outrageous brutality that nearly every character treats as just a thing that happens, no need to get upset about it. This is savagely funny stuff, and I am absolutely hoping there will be another season produced.


As the resident Trekkie…
Star Trek:Disco is great.
Orville is also very true to the Roddenbury spirit. Enjoying that also.



I want to watch The Orville. Not a big MacFarlane fan, but I love the idea of the show and I hear pretty good things.

Right now, my wife and I are watching Big Mouth on Netflix. The humor is super sexual and over-the-top dirty, but it’s a surprisingly sweet, smart, thoughtful animated comedy.


Orville’s humor is pretty restrained, its not family guy.