Newbie Observations


I just started the game Friday on Update 2 and have made it through the Upper Erebus Abyssal Key mission. I have a few first impressions.

  1. I kept collecting arrows at every opportunity and wondering where I would obtain a bow. I even wondered if I missed a chest, etc. in the tutorial section. It wasn’t until later that I figured out that the bow was automatic and I just needed to select the arrows.

  2. I’m still not exactly sure what to do with a Mana core. I was sent to obtain one and when I returned with it, I was simply told to do the next mission. I did feed it to the statue in the Augury (no feedback whatsoever when I did that) but I have seen several more of those around and there is nothing to say what they do.

  3. I found a nice bug where switching armor with a full inventory causes the armor to disappear entirely. I did this after saving a game and even reloaded and recorded a video of it happening.

  4. The tutorial/intro was ridiculously long. A couple of places were frustrating, especially at the lever across the chasm.

  5. In a separate post I mentioned a bug where I completed a quest and reloaded my game, only to find the quest was incomplete. This actually happened to my twice, but the other time I had a save just before it so I reloaded and finished it again.

  6. I think there should be something that easily shows key mappings, etc. It would also be nice if there were explanations of how to climb chains, use your inventory and other tasks like that. The first time I got the rune bag, it took me a while to figure out to equip the rune bag and right-click to open it. Even with the tutorial, there is a lot of basic interactions the game doesn’t help with.

  7. I thought for sure that I was picking up backpacks from crates, the messages seemed to indicate that as well, but my backpack slot is still empty and I have never seen one.

  8. It would be better with splash screens to indicate the game is starting up. Right now, I click on it and wait a few seconds before anything shows up to indicate it is starting. Then quite often I get a black screen while the next part loads.

Despite these issues, I am really enjoying the game so far. It is lots of fun and looks great. It is definitely frustrating at times. It has the overall feel of an Underworld game (the original is still one of my all-time favorite games). It plays quite well on my new Lenovo Legion Y7000 (i7, 16 GB RAM, 6GB GTX 1060) at high graphics setting. It does take a decent amount of time to load. I guess I should be glad I’m starting with Update 2 after many of the most annoying bugs have been fixed.


Another thing is that I keep seeing things about side quests and factions. I have yet to see anybody except the four main characters. I assume that sooner or later I’m going to find another town or area with people in it, but it still feels like I’m missing something.


… you and us both. They were pulled from the final design so you’re going to be looking a while.


Congrats, you’ve been playing the best part of the game, it’s all going downwards from here. No factions, no more enemy types, no special loot, no special quests, etc… You’ve basically seen everything the game has to offer already, except some nice vertical design in the later dungeons.

7. I thought for sure that I was picking up backpacks from crates, the messages seemed to indicate that as well, but my backpack slot is still empty and I have never seen one.

You might be referring to armor items. They don’t have a dedicated 3D asset, so they use a generic backpack for all armor items you can loot.


I will reserve judgement on game content. So far I like what I have seen and understand the game was released in early beta form. I have never played any of the early releases and understand Update 2 is a great leap forward. I’m just expressing concern that there is a lot that is assumed that I’m sure the rest of you have already figured out. The wiki is a skeleton and has no useful information. A little work there would go a long way.

If there are no factions than a lot of in game messages, as well as the web pages are wrong. I’m still wondering where to find the side quests to earn skill points to build my character’s experience level.

The thing that made UU stand out from similar games is the story line. It wasn’t just a simple dungeon crawler where you killed enemies while moving from point A to point B. If I wanted that I would go back and replay Quake.


Now I know that I had to complete the first level for side quests to show up. The main quest billboard was replaced with the choice of three side quests. Unfortunately, so was the portal so now I have to use the Grand Staircase to get back down to that level.


The original storyline (such as it was) must have been cut down before release, to reflect the pulled Factions etc.

However, I don’t think a classic story arc ala UU was ever really on the cards (?) given that the buzzwords centered around ‘player authored’ this, and ‘player agency’ that. Ideally, that would have taken place inside an over-arching narrative, but alas, we had the Doom counter and ‘yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’ Voice Overs.

Agreed, story was the binding agent of the first two games, and knitted everything together. As it should do. It’s hard to survive a bad story, or lack of one. Its absence will always be there, lurking. And if not, you at east need NPCs, dialog, factions to strand a chance of making an UU game.


You mentioned that is a little skeletal, but we’re working on it. I’m interested in hearing which areas you feel would be most useful to focus on fleshing out!